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United Arab Emirates- a region of limitless business opportunities. UAE has never failed to attract investors to route in their money into various segments on this land. With endless opportunities in business areas like real estate, travel, hospitality, entertainment, education, health and technology, a businessman sees new and wide horizons of business expansion.

The most awaited Dubai Expo 2020 which is to be set to roar next year, is about to open lucrative, ambitious and robust business opportunities not just limited to Dubai but rest of the emirates as well. UAE/Dubai Investor Visa is launched to make business setups easy and convenient. This visa not only centres around your business but the policies take care of other areas of your need. The geological location of the country is a boon to business operations. With an excellent web of airline services, water routes and land connectivity, UAE offers facilities in abundance.

Why Dubai?

Dubai has been the most happening emirate in the entire UAE. This emirate has not only promoted tourism but has opened liberal arms for different communities to thrive and grow on its land. Out of all the emirates, Dubai contributes to a substantial ratio to the economy of the country.

Dubai the most wanted business hub across the globe:

  • Larger than life malls and shopping centres ranging from budget to over the top luxury brands and companies
  • Mind-bending architectural projects
  • An exceptional tourist hub
  • A Highly efficient transit zone
  • An amazing network of airlines, waterways and roadways
  • Host to world Famous festivals, concerts, shows, sports events
  • Dubai Expo which is set to bring an enormous economic boom to the emirate and country as a whole
  • Huge ex-pat population- the easy availability of human resources
  • Abundant availability of business raising requirements like ready to work office spaces
  • Office space available for all budgets with efficiently curated facilities and needs
  • Easy availability of highly professional legal services
  • Highest working standards and best practices of multi-communal working segments
  • Dedicated tax-free zones to trade, 100 % ownership of the business in these zones
  • A Continuous effort towards the betterment for business opportunities

Dubai has always been reviving its travel policies and specific visa policies to attract patrons as it has a plethora of opportunities to offer. This also adds prominent value to the country's economy.

Innovative UAE/Dubai Visa and residence policies structured with the latest technology is quite easy and convenient to execute.

Business opportunities are divided into 3 major segments to facilitate efficient business operations

UAE On-Shore

UAE On-shore companies are registered and carry out business operations on the mainland of the region. In this case, it will be the jurisdiction of the respective emirate. This type of incorporation entails the use of a Local person as a partner or an agent, depending on the type of incorporation. The local partner is entitled to a yearly fixed fee, which is usually mentioned in the contract. Some o the prominent features are:

  • Office space is mandatory and residence visas are possible depending on the size of the office/work premises.
  • There are no accounting or auditing requirements.

Types of companies formed under UAE On-shore

Sole Proprietorship

A company which is under a single business owner who is responsible for all profits and losses. The business operations are under the direct control of the business owner.

Civil Company

In this type, the business will operate professional operations and is owned by professionals who can be individuals or groups.


Also known as Limited Liability Company that is owned by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 members. Each one of them contributes to the share capital.

Dubai Free Trade Zone

Dubai was the first emirate to come up with a Tax-free model in the city. This model is to provide immense relief to business owners, thus expanding the influx of business owners. This vision also adds worth and value to hosting Dubai Expo on this land.

Dubai trade-free zones are dedicated business zones where business operations can be carried out without paying taxes like Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax and customs. The main objective of this inclusion into the economy of the country is to promote it through foreign investments by facilitating economic activities within the city.

Trading or conducting business-related activities in Dubai free-trade zones will aid tax-free business, complete ownership of the business and use UAE as a base for manufacturing and distribution. To successfully register and operate your business, business owners should take complete cognizance of the pre-requisites while setting up.

In short, Dubai Investor Visa is a global opportunity because:

  • Zero-Tax
  • Complete Ownership
  • Relaxed Leasing choices
  • Multiple business activity
  • Business Confidentiality
  • Relaxed Bank rules
  • Fair-minded renewal fees
  • Wind up at your will
UAE Off-Shore

UAE provides you with a choice to set up business operations outside its legal jurisdiction or location. It is different from the Dubai Free-Trade Zones as they are On-shore zones in the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Dubai. You may require the benefits of operating your business outside the location under which the business/company is registered. UAE provides you with this opportunity to operate in areas that provide the following benefit while your registered location is different:

  • International Market expansion and funding
  • Business-friendly legal policies and regulations
  • Flexibility regulatory bodies
  • Tax relaxation on International Capital, business income
  • Maintain multi-currency accounts
  • Virtual office spaces available in the UAE
  • The two emirates providing Off-shore business operations in UAE are Ras-Al Khaimah and Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. Jebel Ali Free Zone has the privilege to own real estates in the Emirate of Dubai. It permits companies to enjoy tax-free business operations, easy hiring of labour & no import duties.

Features of JAFZA Off-shore companies

Auditing and Annual Reporting

The company must maintain account and operation record of 10 years from the date of commencement of operations.


Minimum of two directors are mandatory. Corporate directors are not eligible here.


The company should have a secretary. Either of the directors can act as a company secretary.

Share Capital

No minimum share capital is required.


Minimum one shareholder is required in the formation. International corporate shareholders are also permitted to be shareholders provided they hold attested company documents.

Benefits enjoyed by companies registered under JAFZA Off-shore

Local Bank Account

To operate daily international transactions, you can hold an account in the local bank of the UAE.

Shareholder/Director details

Details like the names of the directors need not be disclosed in public registers.

Shares in local companies

The local authorities permit you to hold shares in local UAE companies which are On-shore or in Free trade zones.

Local real estate Ownership

You can enjoy the ownership of any property in the UAE.

100 % ownership of the business

You are the owner of your company.

Features of RAK (Ras Al-Khaimah) Off-shore companies

Auditing and Annual Reporting

Every business entity should maintain an account record of 7 years from the date of commencement of operations. These need not be registered with RAK authorities, however.


Minimum 1 director is required. Corporate directors are permitted.


Every business entity must have a secretary. Any of the directors can act as a company secretary.

Share Capital

No minimum share capital is required.


Minimum one shareholder is required in the formation. International corporate shareholders are also permitted to be shareholders provided they hold attested company documents.

Benefits enjoyed by companies registered under RAK Off-shore

Quick processing

The time taken to process your registration of company or business under RAK off-shore takes 1 week, provided diligent document submission is done.

Local Bank Account

You will able to carry out international transactions easily by holding an account in the local UAE bank.

Shareholder/Director details

Names and contact details of shareholders can be avoided in public registers.

100% ownership of the business

You need not require local shareholding to register or operate business activities.

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You can apply for this visa through the online E-government Directorate of Naturalisation and Residency Department (eDNRD) portal, which companies and establishments in Dubai can use to submit visa applications.

To operate business activities in Dubai free-trade zone you are required to have eligibility to the following:

  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Personal Photo on White Background
  • Memorandum of Association (which must show that the applicant has shares or capital investments)
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Trade License
  • Partnership Contract between the local sponsor and partner
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months

List of Free Trade Zones in Dubai Inquire Now

According to sectors or nature of the business, Dubai has 22 major trade free zones which are segregated into 3 major categories

Based on businesses which deal in Healthcare, manufacturing, jewellery, technology, you can set up your business operations in the following Dubai Free-trade zones

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
  • Dubai Healthcare City Authority
  • Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Dubai Maritime City Authority
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
  • Dubai South
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Gold and Diamond Park
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)
  • International Humanitarian City
  • Meydan
  • National Industries Park (TechnoPark)

The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority houses industries that aim to operate in the field of creative and knowledge-based business operations can start in the following Dubai Free-trade zones

  • Dubai Design District (D3)
  • Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Outsource City
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubai Science Park
  • Dubai Studio City

The Dubai Multi Commodities Central Authority (DMCCA) is known to house global commodities trade. You can set up your trade-in the following zone

  • Jumeriah Lake Towers

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