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Dubai Tourist Visa

About Insta Dubai Visa for UAE Visa Application

Dubai Tourist visa is an approved legal permit to enter the United Arab Emirates for tourism or visit. The travel permit is issued to a traveller or visitor seeking to spend time in another country for a tourist visit. Dubai has become a top-tourist destination globally by introducing online Dubai visas and innovative visa policies.

What is an online Dubai Tourist visa?

Dubai e-visa or online visa is a permit applied online on a visa service provider portal. The applicant fills out the application form on the website and uploads documents. The applicant receives the approved e-visa in the applicant's inbox's registered email address. Applicants are advised to carry a print-out of the same and present it at the Immigration Desk at the airport. A Dubai e-visa allows you access to all seven emirates of the country. The most sought-after Dubai visa is the Dubai tourist visa.

Types of Dubai Tourist visas

Dubai Immigration department has rolled out various types of Dubai visas to cater to the needs and requirements of the travellers. Visitors must go for an online Dubai visa for tourism.

  1. 14 days single entry Dubai visa- Applicants can apply for this type of visa for a short visit. The entry permit is onetime. Visa validity is 60 days, and the valid stay is not beyond 14 days.
  2. 14 days multiple Dubai visa- Visitors seeking a trip to Dubai when they require entering and exiting the city many times often works best for them. You could be on a holiday spree or have meetings lined up at different intervals. The visa validity stands for 60 days, and the permitted stay is for 14 days only.
  3. 30 days single entry Dubai visa- Many people have plans to stay for a little longer to explore the emirates. If you wish the same, you must apply for a 30 day Dubai visa. With it comes a valid stay of 30 days and a visa validity of 60 days. You can enter and exit UAE just once.
  4. 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa- If you plan your journey so that you have to fly to and from Dubai several times, you must apply for a multiple entry Dubai visa. The visa is valid for 60 days and the stay period is not more than a month.
  5. 60 days single entry Dubai visa- Dubai majorly comprises the ex-pat community. Many times, visitors would love to spend quality time with their loved ones. In such a scenario, you can always choose to stay for two months in Dubai. The tourist visa comes with a single entry, the validity of 60 days from issue date and a permissible stay of two months only.
  6. 60 days multiple entry Dubai visa- Many onward travellers or visitors love to visit neighbouring countries of Dubai. Enter and exit Dubai more than once for such plans. 60 days visa with multiple entries works best in such cases. The visa validity is two months, and the permissible stay is two months.
  7. 90 days single entry Dubai visa- Spend quality time with your friends with this type of visa. It comes with a permissible stay of 3 months and visa validity for 60 days from the issue date with a single entry.
  8. 90 days multiple entry Dubai visa- With this type of visa, you can enter and exit Dubai many times within 3 months. The visa validity stands for 60 days, and the valid stay is for 90 days only.
  9. 90 days Dubai job seeker visa- Dubai offers a wide range of career opportunities globally. Many aspiring job-seekers travel to Dubai in search of their dream job. You can do so by acquiring a job-seeker visa. This visa is valid for 60 days and gives you a permissible stay of 3 months only. It is a single-entry visa type.

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