Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you with any possible doubts and questions.

How safe is my personal information on your website?Expand
How will I know about my visa status, whether approved or rejected?Expand
I have made the payment, but the portal still needs to receive it. Will I get my money back?Expand
What is the standard processing time for a Dubai visa?Expand
If my visa gets rejected, will I get my money back? In how much time? Expand
Is a Dubai visa valid across the Emirates of the UAE?Expand
Is it only English in which I can communicate with the staff?Close
We don't have a linguistic barrier. Our visa team are well trained in multiple languages and can communicate well. Feel free to address your query to our visa support team in your comfortable language.
Can I apply for a visa if my passport is in renewal?Expand
Can I apply for a multiple entry visa if my passport validity expires before the permitted days? Expand
Can I apply for a new passport in the middle of the visa process? Expand
In what currency can I pay the fee for the visa?Expand
Are the documents secure that I upload while applying for an online visa?Expand
Do I need to carry documents while travelling? If so, is there any list?Expand
Can a tourist apply for a Multiple Entry Visa?Expand
How do I cancel my visa application if I need to?Expand
How will I be communicated for the entire visa process? Expand
Is it safe to provide my credit/debit card number for making the visa fee online payment?Expand
How will I receive my online approved Dubai visa?Expand
Whom should I contact to update my new contact details? Expand
We are planning an official tour. Do we need to apply for Group Visa, if available? Expand
How to check if my country is eligible for a Dubai visa?Expand
My friend is on a working visa in Dubai, and I plan to visit him. Which visa type do I need to apply for? Expand
I am an Indian national and planning to visit Dubai on a cruise. Which visa should I apply for? Expand
What if I cannot proceed with the visa process on the website? Expand
Is online visa and E-visa the same? Expand
Is an E-visa valid in Dubai?Expand
What are the reasons for Dubai visa rejection? Expand
Are my online transactions secured? Expand
What is the permitted age to travel to the UAE alone? Expand
What type of visa do children require?Expand
Do children require a valid passport?Expand
I require a visit visa on an urgent basis. What will be the processing time?Expand
Can I make changes to my application after applying on the website?Expand
Why should I choose Insta Dubai visa?Expand
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