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Dubai Visa for GCC Residents

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Online Dubai visa for GCC, Dubai visa for GCC

Citizens of GCC countries are exempted from Dubai visas for gaining access to the United Arab Emirates. GCC stands for Gulf Co-operation Council.

Who would not want it when it comes to travel privileges? Middle-East has so many dream destinations that travelling privileges to this globe zone is a dream come true. But not everybody is lucky to get it.

Unlike GCC nationals, GCC residents have to apply for a Dubai visa and gain an advantage when their profession falls under the skilled worker category.

It is imperative to learn the rights and privileges regarding the resident permit issued by GCC if you are in a GCC region. The visa on arrival privilege is granted to the United Arab Emirates to GCC citizens.

  • A valid passport carrying a resident permit and a validity of 6 months is necessary while travelling within or outside the GCC region.
  • Whereas for some countries, the validity of 3 months is enough.
  • Residents of GCC are eligible for travel to other GCC countries if their GCC residence permit carries 3 months validity and remains valid for 6 months upon arrival
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