What is Business Visa / Business e-Visa?

Business Visa is an attempt to allow visitors to stay for a longer period of time in order to carry out their business activities. This generates capital for the country that in turn contributes to its economic growth. Business e-Visa is an electronic visa which is as valid as Business Visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Business visa / Dubai business visa online

Dubai Business visa is issued when an eligible entrepreneur is scheduled to carry out activities like meetings, conferences and presentations. Professionals from any country with business experience are eligible to apply for a Dubai Business visa. A business professional can apply for a Dubai visa online also.

The business applicant must

  • be able to substantiate his/her experience as an entrepreneur
  • have been a majority shareholder of a start-up or a member of its senior leadership
  • be willing to relocate to the UAE and legally establish a business in one of the emirates
  • have a business idea or a business plan that you wish to bring to life in the UAE.

Business applicants must also qualify the criteria set by the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity such as background check and health check-up.

Benefits of Dubai Business Visa

The Dubai business visa allows you to operate business activities in the country of United Arab Emirates.

Once the applicant receives a Dubai business visa, they have access to:

  • To enter and stay for a valid period of 6 months in UAE so that you can facilitate the operations of your business.
  • Nominate three of your senior staff members of the business to avail residency.

Types of Dubai Business Visa

You can opt for any of the following types of Dubai business visa in accordance with your purpose and duration:

  • 14 days Dubai visa (single-entry)
  • 30 days Dubai visa (single-entry)
  • 30 days Dubai visa (multiple-entry)
  • 60 days Dubai visa (single-entry)
  • 60 days Dubai visa (multiple-entry)

What are the required documents for Dubai Business Visa?

The following visa documents are required:

  • A valid passport ( A valid passport carries 6 months of validity)
  • A passport size photograph with any colour background

What is Dubai Business Visa fee/price?

The standard dubai visa fee is applicable for business visa.

What is the procedure for Dubai Visa Application?

You need to follow simple and easy steps to apply for a Dubai visa:

  1. Log on to instadubaivisa.com
  2. Select your nationality and current resident country from the drop-down menu.
  3. You are directed to a Visa Type information table. Select your visa type according to your preference.
  4. Click Apply now.
  5. You are now on the 2-Step Application Form that requires your details. Please provide the correct information. You are required to upload scan copy the above-mentioned documents.
  6. Click on Submit and Proceed tab.
  7. This is the payment step. You are required to make payment through your visa card, debit card or credit card. Rest assured you will receive a confirmation of submission of your application on your registered email id.

Why choose "Insta Dubai Visa" for Dubai Visa?

Apply Dubai Business Visa

At Insta Dubai visa, the standards for delivering quality service is the highest. We have the best security standards in the industry when it comes to data handling and transactions. Our rejection rate is the lowest in the industry.


Dubai Business E-visa FAQ’s

Q: Is my information safe on Insta Dubai Visa?

A: Insta Dubai Visa is well equipped with the highest security standards in the industry. Your data is stored in an encrypted format and is safe from any unauthorized access. 

Q: Is Dubai visa valid to other emirates?

A: Yes. Once you get your approved UAE e-visa, it is applicable to all the other six emirates of UAE.

Q: Do I need to carry documents while travelling?

A: You are required to carry your valid passport along with a printout of the valid visa you have received in your registered email.

Q: How long can I stay in UAE once my Dubai Business visa gets approved?

A: You can stay for a longer period of time on the Dubai Business visa.