Plans for cross border trips are one of a kind. They do not just let you loose; the entire experience is unique in its way. Such arrangements are possible only if visa procedures and processes are lucrative. The United Arab Emirates is one such global destination that ranks highest in the robust nature of its visa policies. So, the answer to "Can I get a Dubai visa in one day?" is reasonably searched and served well.

Henceforth, the nation witnesses one of the heaviest footfalls of tourists annually. According to World Data, 25.28 million tourists paid their visit to the United Arab Emirates in 2019. The tourism sector powered the UAE economy with 38.41 billion dollars in the same year. This is only possible if the country facilitates simple visa procedures and offers other travel elements.

Dubai visa in one day

We can attain an urgent Dubai visa with Insta Dubai Visa. Applicants heading to Dubai need a visa to access the country's borders. It is pretty pertinent to learn and be aware that travel can be planned and unplanned. When the journey is random, you might need a visa within hours. Many online visa service providers offer visas, but not all can give urgent scenarios a professional approach. With various types of visa services on the platter, Express Service is one such way that makes you get a Dubai visa in one day.

Nationality is important

Nationality plays an essential role in deciding the visa approval and issuance criteria. The documentation varies according to the nationality of the applicant. Some countries need a copy of the valid passport and a photograph, while other nations like India need additional documents, which are totally at the discretion of the Immigration Authorities.

Passport Ranking is vital

The passport ranking can be other criteria that plays a crucial role in deciding the pace at which the visa shall be processed and issued. The higher the passport ranking, the brighter chances for a smooth visa application. Passport holders of the following can secure a Dubai visa in one day:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia

Such citizens enjoy visa-on-arrival privilege. They need not secure a visa in advance under circumstances of urgent travel or unplanned ones (conditional, at the discretion of the Immigration Authorities).

Passport holders of all nationalities can apply for an online Dubai visa at Insta Dubai visa.

Express Dubai visa

Insta Dubai Visa comes with a massive trencher of web-oriented Dubai visas making the travel plans effortless. We cater to the masses by serving them with our product. Type of services is not only based on the pace but also on the accuracy of visa application that is pushed for further processing. We completely understand and resonate with the bleakness if the criticality of a visa is mistaken. The applicant might not just lose valuable time but also hard-earned money, to which we are sensitive and responsible.

The Express Dubai Visa is one of the exceptional services at Insta Dubai Visa that an applicant can avail of if one needs to cross borders urgently. The urgency could be:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical help
  • Sudden meeting or conference
  • An urgent visit to Dubai Expo
  • Participation in global events like World Cup or Grand Prix
  • Attending Dubai Shopping Festival for quick shopping
  • Emergency declared by the local government
  • Sudden demise of a loved one
  • Travel for medical treatment
  • Unplanned holiday with your tribe
  • Family wedding
  • University Graduation ceremony of your loved one
  • Urgent placement in a company

It is possible to gain a Dubai visa in a single day?

There are reliable sources for issuing permits. But we advise you to opt for online services that are reliable and trustworthy. If you choose Insta Dubai Visa as your visa partner, you enjoy:

  • Highly secured online environment to submit data and information.
  • Full compliance with the legal constraints of the local authorities for Dubai visa processing.
  • Authenticated access to your online visa application form.
  • Single roof with multiple travel solutions.
  • High-end technology integration facilitates the confidentially of the visa process.
  • One-to-one counselling over documents required, visa application form and other travel elements like flight and hotel booking.
  • Booking appointments on your behalf if required (complete discretion of the Immigration officer).
  • Dedicated and reliable human sources are authorized to scrutinize visa applications and processes.
  • Strict visa policies and guidelines are in place to ensure legitimate and structured visa operations.
  • We have earned a vast global customer base, many of them enjoy the privileges of repeat customers.
  • These attributes have made a Dubai visa in one day possible.

With Insta Dubai Visa...

Now you can plan your travel itinerary as per the availability of your Dubai visa. Your travel permit will power your easy cross border commitments. You can post your request for express service through online mode. You require a device and internet connection to reach us at Our visa support team will take your details over legit and allow communication mediums. We highly secure all platforms at our end with encryptions and are safeguarded with stringent Data Policies.

After acquiring a Dubai visa in one day, you will need to book your tickets and hotels. With hiring professional services from Insta Dubai visa, you are quickly sorted. You can look up to us for hotel bookings, flight bookings, tour packages and airport transfers. Our professional teams and service providers comply with the local and international service standards. Thus, providing comprehensive travel solutions to the applicants. So need not stress about travel. While you discover the country of wonders, we cover the prep of your journey.

Now gaining a Dubai visa in one day is possible and easy. With technology integration by the IT geeks, travel permits and their consequent procedures have evolved the movement of millions from one place to another. Post pandemic, technology has re-shaped the scenario and enhanced how one can seek and access the borders of the unexplored land and famed global destinations.

Come, let's get lost!