Travelling is exciting. But can a daunting task if not well-planned. You must develop a habit of fetching maximum benefits from offers and deals to make your travel less expensive but worth it. Sometimes we do not pay heed to small details and end up paying a bomb for a trip.

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Avoid the following common mistakes while booking a flight.

1. Booking through an airline website

A lot of buzzes have been seen towards the safety of booking flights with airline websites directly. But you must not make the mistake of ignoring third-party websites or tour or visa operators. They offer heavy deals and discounts that you might not want to miss while traveling to your favorite destination.

2. Ignoring benefits of the debit card or credit card

Banks provide several benefits which are attached to their debit or credit cards. Make sure you make the most of it. You can redeem points, avail lounge benefits, grab deals on flight tickets, access to VIP zones, and many more. We recommend you make your payment of flight bookings from debit or credit cards rather than from digital wallets.

3. Overpaying for VIP seats

Travellers should be aware of the fact that once you have booked your seat in a flight, you surely travel. No one can refuse you to board the flight. You might have come across offers from airlines asking you to pay fr premium seats. Make sure you see the leg space, aisle or window seat, after which it will be worth paying for. If you are the choosy one, only then go for it else sit and enjoy the already booked one.

4. Do not ignore the Incognito window

Yes. When you search for flight tickets repeatedly, the search engine comes to know your interest in booking due to cookies, search history, and cache of your computer. Flight rates tend to increase while you repeat your activity in the browser. Make sure you book your ticket in the Incognito window to keep your cost low.     

5. Avoid travelling on weekends

This time sees the highest number of travellers shuffling from one point to another. If you plan to leave on Friday and return on Sunday, you will end up paying way more than better options. If you manage to leave on Thursday and return by Monday morning, you will pay less and enjoy more.

6. Making bookings in a rush

Apart from urgent travel, always plan and book tickets in advance. This way you get enough time to do your research over prices, deals and offers, upcoming discounts. Make sure you read the travel instructions carefully before and reach the airport before time. Many tickets are non-refundable too. Do not ignore this feature while booking. Also, check the date of travel twice before booking your seat.

7. Choosing the wrong airport

You can get into a real hectic travel itinerary if you choose a busy airport. Multiple destinations have many airports that connect to them. Try to change the airport of your location and you will notice a change in the fare as well. Busy airports have expensive fares too. If you board the same flight for the same destination but land at a different airport of the same destination, you will surely save money.

8. The validity of passport

One of the most common mistakes but a serious one is booking a ticket and ignoring the validity date of the passport. Majorly, you require the validity of 6 months from the date of travel to your destination.

If you make the above-mentioned mistakes, your travel will be disastrous. Always ensure to keep in mind these details and you will never regret following them.