Travellers worldwide require a legit travel permit to carry with them across borders. Any applicant who wishes to step into Dubai from India must hold a visa for Dubai from India. Dubai visa is available online and can be easily accessed and monitored. Many online visa service providers function within the legal brackets to provide travel permits for Dubai.

Both Indian citizens and tourists need to secure a travel permit while heading to the gem of the Gulf region, the United Arab Emirates. Many secure a visa the moment they start from their country of origin. While, some love to gain one while on their journey. In both scenarios, you can earn your permit through the online mode.

Ultra advance technology integration powers Insta Dubai Visa to enhance the travel experience. Applicants can apply for a Dubai visa through online and offline modes. Offline modes have their limitations that consume a traveller from top to bottom. The list of requirements of visa application through an offline mode could be a harrowing because of:

  • Accumulating piles of required documents (Immigration Officer can also demand additional ones at the later stage of visa application)
  • Clear copies of passport (front and back)
  • Clear photograph (as per photograph protocol)
  • Tons of other essentials

While some countries issue only sticker visas, the United Arab Emirates issues electronic visas and sticker visas to relevant nationalities. Applicants can easily apply for a visa for Dubai from India through online mode.

Insta Dubai visa has raised an unbeatable online platform to make travel easy, convenient and sorted. Tourists heading to Dubai need to understand that their citizenship plays a crucial role in deciding the visa requirement of the applicant. Some citizens do not need a visa to enter Dubai, while others, like Indians or Pakistanis, need to secure a permit.

How to apply for a Dubai visa from India?

Any traveller heading to Dubai visa from India can apply for a permit to the United Arab Emirates by either visiting the embassy or simply clicking on Insta Dubai Visa.

The former option might take lots of your valuable time and resources. It is a tedious process that consumes a lot of time. Urgent travellers may not gain a travel permit in such a scenario.

But the latter scenario is the most sought option by Indian travellers. Insta Dubai Visa has record time and a valuable customer base that promise your professional and reliable visa services. Even if your trip is unplanned, you have got our back. Be it a solo trip, female group, family or a corporate conference- we specialise in all parameters of visa services that would benefit our customers.

The following is a simple procedure to apply for a Dubai visa from India:

Step 1
Reach for the scroll bar and type

Step 2
Look for the drop-down menu search where you need to enter your nationality and destination country.

Step 3
You will reach a detailed and updated information page about the UAE visa/Dubai visa. Choose your visa type and click on the 'Apply now' Tab.

Step 4
Once you reach the online visa application form, start filling in the information, which is quite convenient and a quick process. Add applicants if you need to or click the 'Submit' Tab.

Step 5
Now you reach the summary page, where you will see a summarised detail of your visa application and other applicants' details. You can also purchase travel insurance at this stage, which is a mandate to cross borders.

Step 6
Once you have made your secured payment on the channel of your choice, take a breather.

Here your online application procedure ends. We will notify you through a system-generated email upon making the payment. If you require guidance, you reach our experts available round the clock. Remember, your citizenship is prime when you think of a Dubai visa.

Some nationalities carrying passports with high index enjoy the privilege of a visa on arrival.

E.g., Australia, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom.

Compared to the above, a visa for Dubai from Indian citizens is easy for US passport holders, but Indian passport holders will have to secure a permit beforehand. If we talk about nationals of countries like Kenya or Nigeria, they have to follow a different procedure for documentation. They might have to be present for interviews if the Immigration officer on duty desires. Often, an applicant with a criminal background fails in acquiring a visa as they do not comply with the policies laid down by the travel authorities.

A considerable number of Indian nationals apply for a Dubai visa as they seek the following in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Job
  • Investment
  • Skilled Labour
  • Visiting a loved one
  • Tourism
  • Contractual work commitment
  • Buying homes
  • Building start-ups
  • Performing commercial/business-related tasks

Types of Dubai visa to apply from India

One has a huge platter of visas to choose from while applying from India like the below:

  • 14 days Dubai visa- This visa enables you to make a quick trip to the land of Arabian culture both on a single entry and multiple entry criteria. You can always share your travel itinerary with the visa executive, and they can guide you accordingly.
  • 30 days Dubai visa- Ones who wish to soak in the sun and sand a little longer can opt for this type of visa. Again you enjoy single and multiple entries with this visa type.
  • 60 days Dubai visa- When you love to pace slow with the destination, pick this permit. You can visit other emirates, but you can also hop on to neighbouring countries to seek multiple vacations.
  • 90 days Dubai visa- Take a long drive to other emirates and cross borders to countries in the vicinity like Oman or Saudi Arabia for an Arab rich adventure. This visa suits you best as you enjoy single and multiple entry benefits.
  • Dubai Transit visa- If you have an onward journey with Dubai as the stopover, then secure a Dubai transit permit and get a quick city tour of the most loved emirate.

Be it any plan, just let us know, and you will be all sorted for a fun-filled vacation.