Dubai - world’s most visited destination has loads to offer to visitors. Larger than life malls, themed entertainment parks, adventurous water parks, Arabian cultural souks, eye-raising zoos and aquariums, amazing beach activities and beach sports, exciting desert safaris, world famous cuisines and street food - all of this and more excites travellers to keep coming back to this region. The approach towards tourism in the UAE has changed the perspective of enjoying vacations.

Dubai offers Dubai visa on arrival to quite many countries. You can check about yourself at This visa is entitled to a short stay in the UAE. So you have to identify your purpose of visit and nationality while you apply for UAE visa on arrival.

This piece of write-up aims to provide you comprehensive guidance over which is better - Dubai Tourist Visa or Dubai visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is a visa that is granted to you when you land at the airport. The Immigration Office of that country provides you the visa on arrival. Please be advised that visa on arrival is granted to visitors entering the country through air and not land or sea.

Dubai visa on arrival

Dubai offers visa on arrival to citizens of particular countries. While applying for Dubai Visa online, you can check whether your nationality is eligible for Dubai visa on arrival/UAE visa on arrival by visiting on to

The valid stay period of Dubai visa on arrival is 30 days. You can check out for further information on Dubai visa extensions.

Dubai visa on arrival permit

Please be advised that even if you carry US citizenship, you can be denied of UAE visa on arrival. This happens when your Green Card or US visa fails to stand valid for 6 months. You will not be granted a Dubai visa on arrival when you already have a Dubai Transit visa which is acquired to travel to another destination while transit in Dubai.

UAE does not recognise Dual citizenship

The United Arab Emirates does not consider dual citizenship. If the father holds a UAE citizenship and the applicant who is the child of that father holds US citizenship, there are chances of your US passport being confiscated. Diplomatic passport holders are not eligible for Dubai/UAE visa on arrival.

When is Dubai visa on arrival not a good option?

Many eligible travellers might not want to queue up at the consulate or embassy who are visiting Dubai. The regular modifications in the travel policies and regulations might make you regret to opt for Dubai/UAE visa on arrival. The authority of the United Arab Emirates does not guarantee visa on arrival.

Moreover if you are carrying Dubai Transit Visa, you will not be granted Dubai Visa on arrival.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply for Dubai Tourist visa/UAE tourist visa online.

Apply for Dubai visa on arrival

You shall be required to travel with specific airlines to acquire Dubai visa on arrival. Approved airlines are Air Arabia, Air Astana, Etihad, Emirates, Indigo Airlines and Turkish Airlines. You will be required to visit the Immigration desk for your visa on arrival which could take up to 4 hours.  

Which Dubai/UAE visa options are viable?

You can apply for Dubai Tourist visa that gives you flexible stay with multiple number of entries and valid stay periods. 

  1. Dubai 14 days visa - This visa comes with a single entry feature. It can be chosen when you are on a short trip for a visit or a meeting.

  2. Dubai 14 days Multiple entry visa - This visa is beneficial for those who wish for more than one trip with a span of 14 days.

  3. Dubai 30 days Single entry visa - This type of visa is recommended when you wish to visit Dubai for tourism purposes or to spent some quality time with your family. The valid stay is for 30 days and this visa permits a single entry.

  4. Dubai 30 days Multiple entry visa - This type of visa is recommended for those seeking frequent trips within a span of 30 days.

  5. Dubai 60 days Single entry visa - This type of visa is opted by those seeking visits related to work or to spent good amount of time with families or friends. Large groups who are required to travel to Dubai for investment or business opportunities opt for this type of Dubai visa

  6. Dubai 60 days Multiple entry visa - This type of visa facilitates multiple trips within a span of 60 days. It come with a validity period of 60 days.

  7. Dubai 90 days Single entry visa - This type of visa is usually picked up by people who wish to spend long vacations with their friends or family. The visa validity is for 90 days from the date of issue.

  8. Dubai 90 days Multiple entry visa - This visa permits you to make multiple trips in the span of 90 days.

  9. Dubai 90 days Job seeker visa single entry - This visa is for career aspirants who wish to build their career in the UAE. This visa does not guarantee employment.

  10. Dubai Transit Visa - This type of visa is required when you chose Dubai as a transit destination before you board your ongoing flight from Dubai. The validity of this visa is 96 hours.


Tourist visa for Dubai or UAE Tourist visa is highly recommended as it facilitates many purposes of the travellers around the world. For reliable Dubai visa services, visit Our visa experts will reach you in time.