Dubai visa has become very easy. The processing time has cut down, and because of this reason, many now go for Dubai evisa or apply for an online Dubai visa. Dubai stands on the highest podium when it comes to tourism and entertainment. Even though Dubai has so much to offer. It is constantly working on giving technology integrated procedures, visa policies for International citizens are stringent. Failing to the norms set by the Travel and Tourism Department of Dubai and the Immigration Department have to be followed to cross the borders.

If you are a citizen of Turkey, you have to carry a Dubai visa to visit the iconic landmarks of Dubai. Your travel buddy Insta Dubai Visa provides quick, easy, and reliable online visa services to its customers. Our visa specialists simplify the online visa application process to make your task comfy and fast. You need to drop a message with the 24x7 chat support team. Experts on the other side will reach you soon.

For Turkish nationals, IDV serves with many types of Dubai visa. Your purpose of travel and time to stay will define which kind of Dubai visa suits you. You must be having the following question in mind while applying for online Dubai visa. Take a look at the answers.

Q1 I am a Turkish citizen and wish to travel to Dubai. Do I need a visa?

A1 Yes. You need to carry a Dubai/UAE visa to travel to the United Arba Emirates.

Q2 Can I earn a visa on arrival in Dubai if I am a citizen of Turkey?

A2 No, you cannot get a visa on arrival privilege if you are a Turkish citizen.

Q3 How do I apply for a Dubai visa?

A3 To save time and hassles, you can apply for a Dubai visa online.

Q4 I do have an idea about Dubai evisa. What is it?

A4 Dubai evisa is a valid visa or travel document that has been given to you by applying online. Dubai evisa authorises you to cross the UAE borders.

Q5 How do I get a Dubai evisa?

A5 You can apply for an online Dubai visa to get a Dubai evisa.

Q6 What is needed to apply for an online Dubai visa or Dubai evisa?

A6 The following are the must-haves for an online Dubai visa:

  • Duly filled online dubai visa application form
  • A valid passport
  • A clear scan copy of the valid passport.
  • A clear photograph with a coloured background
  • Valid passport of co-applicants
  • Photograph of co-applicants
  • Travel insurance of applicant
  • Travel Insurance of co-applicants
  • Cover letter
  • Bank Statement of the applicant (minimum three months)

Q7 What is a valid passport?

A7 A passport carrying six months of validity is a valid passport.

Q8 How can I travel to Dubai from Turkey?

A8 You can book an airline ticket from turkey to Dubai. It is an eight-hour flight from Turkey.

Q9 What if I am travelling with family or kids?

A9 Children carrying Turkish citizenship are permitted to travel to Dubai under the following conditions:

  • Children should travel after approval from parents or one of the parents. A document declaring the statement is required.
  • A birth certificate of the applicant is required with details of the parents.
  • If one parent is in Turkey and the other is travelling to Dubai with the applicant, a signed consent form from the parent staying back is needed.
  • If any parent passes away, a Death Certificate is required.

Q10 Are citizens of Turkey allowed to drink in Dubai?

A10 Drinking is prohibited in Dubai. Tourists can drink inside the bars or pubs where alcohol is served.

Q11 When can I plan my budget travel to Dubai from Turkey?

A11 You can plan your Dubai travel in September as Dubai experiences less traffic in this month.