While travelling to Dubai, many have the impression that they require Dubai Visa or UAE visa. But that solely depends on your nationality. Many country nationals do not require a visa or require visa on arrival for UAE. US nationals can apply for a Dubai visa online while travelling to Dubai.  Insta Dubai Visa can assist you to help go through this process.

Requirements of Dubai Visa for US Citizens

There is a minimal requirement for applying for Dubai visa online through Insta Dubai Visa. Before you sit for filling the online application form, make sure you have the following:

Passport: A passport carrying a validity of 6 months is mandatory. If your passport is expiring sooner than the travel date, renewal is necessary.

Passport scan: You are required to scan the passport. The online application form requires a scanned copy of a valid passport.

Photograph: A passport size photograph of any color background.

Payment Methods: You shall be required to pay online for the fee. So make sure you have your debit card or credit card.

Email address: You will be receiving acknowledgment and your confirmed e-visa on email. So please make sure the email address which you provide while filling the application form is a valid email address.

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While travelling with children, every individual child requires a separate e-visa for Dubai. You are required to submit the scan copy of the passport along with a photograph for the same.


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The UAE visa gives you access to all the seven emirates of UAE. This visa is valid for upto 30 days and can be renewed once only.

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Dubai Visa from USA Citizens FAQ’s:

Q: Is my information safe on Insta Dubai Visa?

A: Insta Dubai Visa is well equipped with the highest security standards in the industry. Your data is stored in an encrypted format and is safe from any unauthorized access.

Q: Is Dubai visa for US citizens valid to other emirates?

A: Yes. Once you get your approved Dubai e-visa, it is applicable to all the 7 emirates of UAE.

Q: Do I need to carry documents while travelling?

A: You are required to carry your valid passport along with a printout of the valid visa (UAE visa from USA) you have received in your registered email.

Q: Is English the only language in which I can communicate with the staff?

A: Our executives are fluent in English communication. However, our team is well trained in multilingual communication also.

Q: In what currency can I pay the fee for the visa?

A: This will depend on where you are applying from. You can pay either in US Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP).