Citizens of Australia do not require UAE visa or Dubai visa while travelling to the country if the stay is for 30 days. Should an Aussie wish to stay for long, then a Dubai visa is required. Australians are granted Dubai visa on arrival in the UAE. This visa is a tourist visa which is earned by an Australian citizen on arrival.

If the purpose of visiting the United Arab Emirates is business or for diplomatic reasons, then you need to apply for a different kind of visa. Dubai visa for Australian citizen can be extended by paying a Dubai visa extension fee to the Govt. of UAE. But the period of extension depends solely on the Immigration officer.

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Some of the important visas and points to be kept in mind.

1. Diplomatic and Official visa

Australian citizens carrying diplomatic passports have to apply with their respective UAE embassies or can apply online as well for an entry visit visa before the date of travel. The required list of visa document for Dubai visa for Australian national is:

A.  Duly completed Dubai visa application form

B.  Valid passport carrying validity period of 6 months from the date of travel

C.  Passport size photographs according to the photo protocols of UAE immigration

D.  TPN- Third Person Note which is issued by the Australian Department of Foreign & Trade. This note states the purpose of visit, duration of stay, date and type of entry and date of exit from the United Arab Emirates.

E. Clear and coloured scan copy of the passport

If the applicant belongs to the Australian Defence Forces, an additional letter from the Australian Military Atache Office, Canberra is required.

2. Transit Visa

You might require to enter UAE to board a layover flight. To do so, you require a Dubai Transit visa which is valid for 96 hours. For Australian citizens, a 14 days Transit Visa is provided as well. This visa is issued for Aussies with single-entry only. In case an Australian citizen requires to visit UAE again, they will have to apply again for Dubai visa.

3. Important points that will help you stay:

A. UAE is a Muslim country. All laws circle around the beliefs and customs of the religion. Proper knowledge will help you to adjust and abide by the laws set by the regulatory bodies of the country.

B. The procedures of the legal department and administrative bodies is unique from other countries. If you follow the rules and regulations strictly, it will save you from a lot of hassles.

C. Drugs, poppy seeds, pornography and related materials is a serious offence in the country and it is banned in this part of the world.

D. Travellers with pending legal matters can be detained on this land even when you are in transit.

E. Keeping your self updated with holidays and visa procedures is highly recommended as they keep changing for better travel.

Travel smart. Do equip yourself with Travel Insurance while you get away to Dubai. Staying updated will help you experience a better visit.

Travel Safe!