Are you wondering about the stay validity of the Dubai visa you applied for? Getting confused about whether the stay period would be sufficient to serve your visit purpose?

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Your Dubai visa stay validity is dependent upon the type of tourist visa you apply for, which ranges between 14 days to 180 days as required.

Mentioned below are Dubai visa types with their stay validity that you can opt for:-

Types of Dubai E-visa

1. 14 days Single-Entry Visa

The single-entry visa is ideal for those planning a short stay in Dubai or the UAE for meetings, conferences or transit stay. The stay validity of Dubai Visa of this type is 14 days, which is non-extendable. The visa validity is 60 days for the same.

2. 14 days Multiple-Entry Visa

The multiple-entry visa is suitable for tourists who need to enter and exit the emirate frequently in a 14 days span. The visa validity for this type of visa is 60 days, whereas the stay validity must not exceed 14 days.

3. 30 days Single-Entry Visa

The 30 days single-entry can be used by those seeking to spend some time with their acquaintances. This Dubai visa stay validity is 30 days, with visa validity being 60 days from issuing of the same.

4. 30 days Multiple-Entry Visa

Those required to make frequent visits to the UAE can apply for 30 days multiple entry visas, which allows one to make frequent visits to the emirate from the first entry date.

The stay validity of Dubai visa of this type is 30 days, with visa validity being 60 days.

5. 60 days Single- Entry Visa

Visitors looking for a medium-term stay (less than 2 months) to meet family or friends can opt for this visa. This single-entry visa expires once the visitor leaves the country within 60 days.

The stay validity of Dubai visa of this type is 60 days, along with a 60 days visa validity.

6. 60 days Multiple-Entry Visa

With this visa, one can make frequent trips to the UAE within a span of 60 days from their first entry date. This Dubai visa stay validity is of 30 days along with 60 days of visa validity.

7. 90 Days Single-Entry Visa

This visa permits visitors to stay in the country for an extended period of time in the UAE to visit acquaintances. Once the exit is made, the visa automatically expires.

The stay validity of Dubai visa of this type is 90 days, with a visa validity of 60 days.

8. 90 Days Multiple-Entry Visa

Visitors who need to make multiple stops while traveling to the UAE or the nearby countries can apply for this visa.

With this visa type, you can stay in the country for 90 days, with visa validity being 60 days.

9. 90 Days Job Seeker Visa

This is beneficial for those who wish to seek a job in the UAE. The visitor gets 90 days to finalize a job and then go for an exit. They can again apply for a work visa to enter Dubai.

This Dubai visa stay validity is up to 90 days or less with a visa validity of 60 days.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any types of jobs with this visa.

10. 96 Hours Transit Visa (Single Entry)

96 hours single-entry visa allows a short temporary stay in the UAE. It is ideal for visitors transiting from the UAE to another country but not staying in the emirate for more than 96 hours from their arrival time.

The visa validity is 60 days with 96 hours of stay validity. This visa is valid across all the UAE emirates.

Requirements For a Dubai Visa

To apply for a Dubai visa, the pre-requisites are specified below:-

  1. A copy of a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  2. A clear front-facing photograph.
  3. Copy of birth certificate and mentioned documents for children (0-13 years) traveling to Dubai.


(By and large, most nationalities are eligible to apply for Dubai e-visa. If your nationality is not mentioned for this visa, you can avail of the Sticker Visa provision through our website. Please note that the Sticker visa essentials are different from the E-visa requirements).

Visa Extension or Renewal

Each Dubai tourist or visit visa is eligible for renewal, with visas allowed to be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. Visitors can apply for a visa renewal before the first one expires.

Failing to do so results in a fine calculated on each day of overstaying at the emirate.

Note: You can opt for the different types of visas and look for the most suitable Dubai visa stay validity that serves your purpose. However, the requirements for obtaining each of these visas vary, being hugely dependent on your nationality.

To know about the eligibility criteria, click on the dropdown list of countries on our website and check yours. Contact us on our 24x7 chat options or WhatsApp for further queries.

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