Dubai- a global stunner cuddled with Arabian flavours

The country is obsessed with the top tier of everything. And that gives visitors and wanderers a critical reason to visit, dwell, resonate and leave with beautiful memories. Neighboring nations take the cake away with loads of taste as it is easy to hop on and off. The United Arab Emirates is in harmony with all, especially the GCC nations. The Gulf Co-operation Council houses some Arab countries, which results from the diplomatic ties and cordial relations between the countries. The residents' fee for a Dubai visa is one of the most sought queries when GCC residents apply for a Dubai visa.

The following countries grace the GCC:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arab Emirates

GCC nationals are citizens of the GCC nations. Nationals of GCC countries are exempt from the visa process for Dubai. They do not have to pay Dubai visa fees for GCC residents.

GCC residents are not citizens of the GCC country. They can be migrants working there in skilled work, unskilled work, business, or other professions. They even comprise visitors or tourists. The interesting fact here is that the professional code of the GCC resident provides leverage to the travellers while applying for a Dubai visa. The professional principle laid down by the Immigration Authorities is to ease the online visa application process.

The United Arab Emirates offers various types of dubai visas with varied entry options. Travel Insurance is a mandate that all travellers heading to the United Arab Emirates need to follow. GCC resident fee for a Dubai visa largely depends on the applicant's job (GCC resident) rank. The higher rank of the job listed on the permit, the better chances of the visa being smoothly approved.

Professions falling under high ranking jobs:

  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Professors
  • Scholars
  • Archaeologists
  • Historians
  • IT Managers
  • Bank officials
  • Pilots
  • Lawyers
  • Nurses

As discussed above, the profession of the GCC resident is the nucleus of issuing a Dubai visa. Every domain is granted a code by the relevant authorities of the GCC countries. And the Immigration authorities categorise the codes. The code is scanned at the time of the visa application. This helps the officer quickly identify the category and process the Dubai visa accordingly.

Dubai visa cost of GCC residents

Gulf Co-operation Council residents enjoy loads of privileges for hopping on to the most loved destination in the world. Citizens of GCC nations do not need an entry permit to sneak into the world of wonders in the United Arab Emirates.

Type of Dubai visa Type of entry Visa cost
14 days Dubai Visa Single $ 189
14 days Dubai Visa Multiple $ 390
30 days Dubai visa Single $ 199
30 days Dubai visa  Multiple $ 445
60 days Dubai visa Single $ 465
60 days Dubai visa Multiple $ 749
90 days Dubai visa Single $ 540
90 days Dubai visa Multiple $ 940


While applying for a Dubai visa (by which you get access to all the emirates of the UAE- Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain), GCC residents need to possess the following requisites:

  1. Duly filled online Dubai visa application form
  2. Residence Identity Card
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Clear photograph backed in white colour
  5. Professional Code of the applicant
  6. Cover Letter stating the purpose of visit


Importance of Criteria for GCC Residents Apply for a Dubai Visa

  • You need not worry about the accurate and proper application form filling. Our team of experts at Insta Dubai Visa is here to assist you in making your visa application procedure seamless.
  • GCC residents applying for a Dubai visa need to be advised that your residence ID is a critical document declaring your stay in the GCC nation. So make sure your residence is valid or get it renewed before applying for a visa.
  • Passport validity (minimum of 4 months) is an important mandate when a GCC resident thinks of a Dubai visa.
  • Immigration officers closely monitor photographs. It should be in sync with the protocols laid down by the travel authorities to process the visa effectively. Make sure your face is not covered (A minimum of 90% of the face should be visible). Selfies are a big no. The photograph's surface has to be smooth for an easy and clear scan.
  • Not falling under the mandatory section, still, a cover letter helps the entire application to be easily understandable. Usually, the cover letter comprises the name of the applicant, the desired type of visa to be issued, the explicit purpose of the visit, any reference of a relative or friend staying in the destination GCC country, details of the contact, and tentative travel date of the GCC applicant. The above table explains clearly the cost of a Dubai visa for GCC residents.
  • The GCC nations are hosts to several global events. International Football matches, Horse riding world cups, Polo Word cups and Marathons have made GCC residents opt to move to Dubai. Easy Dubai visa for GCC residents allows them to lead a quality life while away from their home country to make their dreams possible. They can not just be an audience but also try to participate in global events, further escalating their horizons. Easy visa protocols and guidelines have changed the travel scenario in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Gulf Co-operation Council nations work closely to make travelling to the participant nations possible and accessible. The resources that are authorised to issue travel permits work around the diplomatic tie-ups within the GCC countries. The Gulf Council not only ensures easy trips but has made efforts to expand the purpose of the visit as well. Rolling out unlimited options to visit or shifty base is one such method that enables easy visa processing. Business, investment, jobs, and study are avenues an applicant can explore to visit a GCC country, as the Insta Dubai visa has made online visas seamless and quick. A resident of a GCC country who maintains decent conduct and a clear profile is likely to get a Dubai visa easily and conveniently. So, GCC residents applying for a Dubai visa can now make travel easy and quick with Insta Dubai Visa.