Lying in the bosom of the coast of the Persian Gulf and the northwest region of the UAE, Dubai is a charming place that has increasingly garnered much attention from tourists over the years.

Having immersed everyone in its beauty, this entrancing place is amongst the most visited and loved destinations of Indians today.

So, if you wish to have a holiday in this emirate, then you've hit the right place!

Having issued more than two lakhs Dubai visas for Indian citizens, we are here to make your visa processing procedure easy and convenient.

Different Types Of Dubai Visit Visa for Indians

Before going on to apply for Dubai visit visa from India, have a look at the available visa type facilities as authorized by the UAE government:-

1. 14 days Single/ Multiple-Entry Visa

The single-entry visa is ideal for those planning a short stay in Dubai or the UAE for meetings, conferences, or meet-ups.

The multiple-entry visa is suitable, if you need frequent entry or egress into the emirate in 14 days. The visa renders 14 days stay validity.

2. 30 days Single/Multiple-Entry Visa

The 30 days single-entry visa can be used by those seeking to spend some time with their acquaintances or attend quick meetings.

The 30 days multiple-entry visas allow one to make frequent trips to Dubai from their first entry date. The stay validity of this visa type is of 30 days.

3. 60 days Single/Multiple-Entry Visa

You can avail of this visa type, if you're looking for a medium-term stay (less than two months) to meet someone, have business meetings, or simply for sightseeing. This single-entry visa expires once the visitor leaves the country within 60 days.

The multiple-entry visa allows tourists to visit the UAE within 60 days, with visa stay validity being 30 days.

4. 90 Days Single/Multiple-Entry Visa

This visa permits travelers to stay in the UAE for various purposes for an extended period. Once the exit is made, the visa automatically expires.

Those who need to make multiple stops while traveling to the UAE or the nearby countries can apply for this visa that allows one to stay in Dubai for 90 days.

5. 90 Days Job Seeker Visa

This Dubai visit visa for Indians is beneficial, if one wishes to seek employment in the UAE. The visitor gets 90 days to finalize a job, leave the country and again apply for a visa on the behest of the employment company. This Dubai visa stay validity is up to 90 days or less.

Disclaimer: We do not provide any types of jobs through this visa type.

6. 96 Hours Transit Visa (Single Entry)

The 96 hours single-entry visa allows a temporary stay in Dubai. It is ideal for tourists transiting from the UAE to another country but not staying in the emirate for more than 96 hours from their arrival.

The visa provides 96 hours of stay validity and is valid across all the seven emirates.

Pre-Requisites To Apply for a Dubai visa

You can apply for a Dubai visit visa from India by fulfilling certain requirements mentioned below:-

  1. Copy of the front and last page of the passport, holding six months validity from the date of the journey.
  2. Clear front-facing passport-size photograph of the applicant.
  3. Bank statement exhibiting the required amount in USD or equivalent in any other currency.
  4. Compulsory Travel Insurance.
  5. A mandatory negative Covid-19 test report taken within the last 48 hours before the scheduled flight to Dubai.
  6. For the children aged between 0-13 years, a photocopy of the birth certificate is a must, along with other documents.

Note:- Indians with valid US, UK, and Schengen visas are eligible for a visa-on-arrival facility in Dubai.

Steps to Apply for Dubai Visit Visa

Wondering how to apply for Dubai Visit Visa from India?

Well, we just made it easy for you!

Here's how you can go about it:-

Step 1 Log onto our website, and from the above bar, click on the Dubai Visa Application.

Step 2 Submit all the essential details and upload the necessary documents. Other members or relations can also be added through Add more applicant tab. Once the form gets filled in, click on Submit Application.

Step 3 Make payments via visa card, credit, or debit card to submit the dubai visa cost and obtain confirmation of submission of the application on the e-mail id mentioned in the form.

Extension or Renewal of Visa

The Dubai visit visa for Indians can be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. One is allowed to apply for the second renewal before the expiration of the first after submitting the required renewal fees.

Note: Our visa specialists work tirelessly to make your visa processing procedure faster and better. However, it may take 24-72 working hours to get your desired visa.

General Guidelines to follow in Dubai

Dubai is a magnificent land that opens its arms to everyone; however, remember certain points for a hassle-free stay:-

  1. Produce the travel document at the Immigration Desk for verification.
  2. Make sure not to carry any forbidden items as prescribed by the Dubai authorities.
  3. Keep your passport and printout of the visa handy while traveling.
  4. Ensure to remember and note down the required emergency numbers.

Note: Please check the Covid-19 updates as prescribed by the Dubai authorities.

Important things for Indian citizens applying for an online Dubai visa

Citizens of India comprise a huge ratio of the ex-pat population in the United Arab Emirates. According to sources, 30% of the expatriate population of the United Arab Emirates is Indian citizens. The immigrants enjoy a majority of benefits and so they prefer Dubai as their favourite respite for career, study and retirement life.

When an Indian national applies for a travel permit to Dubai, keeping in mind some important things will help to sail through the online visa application process smoothly.

  1. It is important to plan your finances while making a move to another country. Check out the Dubai visa fees for Indian citizens while applying and make sure the charges are paid.
  2. Visit visas to Dubai from India can be applied for online as it is convenient. Just some short and simple steps, and the visa will be in your inbox.
  3. Indian citizens must ensure their documents are valid while filling out the visa application form. Many chances of delay or rejection are due to invalid or incorrect documents.
  4. Compare online visa services with other service providers to get the approximate calculation for Dubai visa cost for Indian citizens.
  5. Ensure to book your flight and hotels or airport transfers according to your visa status. You can check the status of your online visa application by clicking the ‘Track Application’ tab on the website of  
  6. Indian citizens are advised to secure travel permits in advance to avoid any last-minute rushes or delays.
  7. You can apply for a Dubai visit visa from India from many devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, tab and PC.


When you apply for your Dubai travel permit, make sure you apply from credible online sources to save time and have a relaxed trip.

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