Apply Dubai visa from Moscow

Citizens around the world love to travel to the Middle East. Warm hospitality, authentic Arab cuisines, rich tradition, and culture of the Islamic religion attract many visitors globally. One such city that sees heavy footfall annually in Dubai. The fishing village turned cosmopolitan has an overflow of entertainment, sports, activity, and tourist attraction. 

You can visit the other emirates of the UAE while in Dubai. Day and evening tours are a good choice for visitors wishing to sneak into the frames of the other sister emirates. You will visit attractions in the United Arab Emirates and be surprised to experience the beautiful amalgamation of different cultures from across the globe.

To see and enjoy the modern lifestyle in Dubai, you should acquire a Dubai visa. For a quick and easy Dubai visa application process, apply for an online Dubai visa at Insta Dubai visa. For further visa service concerns, drop a message in our chatbox at

Citizens of Russia need to apply for a Dubai visit visa if they wish to travel. Applicants need to stay advised about the process to check nationality before applying for an online visa. You will get a precise and concise scenario of the visa process and the document required to attach along with your duly filled online application form.

Dubai visa from Russia is very much accessible and easy to apply for. Suppose you wish for a physical visa application procedure. In that case, you have to create a folder of documents needed and fix an appointment with the embassy in your city. But visitors or travellers prefer the online mode as it saves a lot of valuable time and hassles.

Russian citizens love to hit the United Arab Emirates to soak in the sun and indulge in thrilling beach activities. In contrast, many travellers love sky diving and beach activities; travellers from Russia love to explore themed entertainment venues and hard-binge on world-famous cuisines. So if an applicant is applying for a Dubai visa from Moscow, log on to

The home page allows a quick check of nationality and other travel-related aspects. The selection menus come with an exhaustive list of countries to cover nationals of maximum countries.

Once you have selected, you are directed towards the visas and their services. You will find a detailed information page in a tabular format for easy understanding that helps in quick decision making.

By selecting ‘Apply now’, you enter the simple three-step filling online Dubai visa application form. Make sure you are ready with the documents required for a smooth online application process.

Make sure you enter accurate and genuine details in the online form. Submission of fake details has often lead to lengthy visa procedures and sometimes have got rejected.

Suppose a Russian applicant is traveling with family or a group of friends. In that case, the applicant can add several other co-applicants to the same visa application form.

In the end, you are required to make an online payment through your valid credit card or debit card. 

You will receive notifications and your Dubai e-visa in your inbox of the registered email address. So make sure you share a valid and accessible email address while submitting information.

Documents Required

  • A valid passport ( should be valid for six months from the date of travel)
  • Clear and scanned copy of valid passport
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Scanned photograph
  • Cover Letter
  • Bank statements (minimum six months)
  • Confirm hotel booking
  • Confirm travel booking

Dubai is the city of dreams. Many approaches this fancy land for several purposes like tourism, visit, meetings, conferences, participation in global events, festivals and fairs, investment projects, retirement plans, and leisure time. But this city makes sure whatever is your purpose of visit, it should be the best one.


Travel Safe!