Travellers require to visit the UAE for various purposes. The country’s development route map provides endless opportunities for careers, business, investments, retirement living, studies. For such purposes, visitors need to travel forth and back according to commitments and preferences.

For this type of travelling, the country provides a UAE visa with multiple entries. These visas come with different valid stays and norms. Let’s take a look.

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To apply for Dubai visa, you need to learn and understand what type of visa suits your travel itinerary and purpose of visit. The safest and secure way to procure a Dubai visa is to apply online.

You gain a lot of benefits by applying for an online visa:

  • You save precious time
  • You need not wait in long queues
  • No need to worry about piling documents
  • Online mode of visa application and payments makes the process quick
  • Best suited for urgent travel
  • The most preferred way for a smooth journey by frequent travellers
  • The most recommended way to apply for a Dubai visa in the UAE Immigration department is proactive online.

So to gain the above benefits, you can apply for the following UAE visa with multiple entries:

14 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa

When you need to take quick trips frequently, this visa suits you. It comes with a stay validity of 14 days, and the visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. You can take multiple trips within 14 days.

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa

Travellers can pick this visa when their travel itinerary or commitments require them to take multiple trips within 30 days. You get a valid stay for 30 days from the date of issue.

60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa

This visa is recommended when visitors wish for a medium-term stay, but they have to travel back to their home country or some other destination. This visa comes with a legit stay for 60 days or two months.

90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa

When you are in no mood to go back early, pick this option. Travellers can have a relaxing escape while they manage both ends with this visa. The applicant gets three months of valid stay, and the visa is valid for 60 days.

Dubai experiences huge crowds annually. Their visa policies facilitate many purposes like tourism, work, or transit. Proper documentation, duly filled visa application form, authentic documents are some of the pre-requisites of an online Dubai visa application process. 

Travel Safe!