The United Arab Emirates is every travel-junky's dreamland. One is not enough to consume the ever-changing and ever-growing attractions on the Arabian land. Dubai stands out as the most loved emirate. The authorities have given a host of reasons to write it in this manner. Larger than life malls, mind-bending themed parks, a world of wonders for kids, a voguish skyline and simple steps to apply for Dubai visit visa have contributed to the tourism sector mainly powering the country's economy.

The Emirate of Dubai is a global destination with a massive plethora of engagements to roll out for curious onlookers. And amidst the cultural diversities of the land, the experience is surreal. Amongst all the emirates, Dubai makes up the maximum ratio of ex-pat population. Various communities and ethnic groups thrive here in harmony that sets an example of global brotherhood. Artificial islands have given not just tourists but other countries to mimic the futuristic vision. Applying for a visit visa to Dubai is bankable to empower the travel segment globally.

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. As a central transit hub, hailing has a massive and fantastic web of flights landing and taking off, making Dubai the tourist attraction centre.

Types of visit visa for Dubai

By winning a travel permit, an applicant gets access to all the sister states of the United Arab Emirates. A traveller dreaming of exploring the land according to the compass can apply for the following visa types. Remember, your purpose decides what visa suits you. A clear sense will allow easy and quick Dubai visit visa approvals.

Single entry category

A single entry visa permits travellers to enter and exit the country just once. Under this bracket, wanderers can enjoy many types of valid stays and permits:

  1. Transit visa- As Dubai is an international transit hub, millions of passengers touch the land before setting off their onward journey. While transiting, one can explore the cityscapes with a Dubai Transit visa in hand. It allows budget, luxurious stays, and entertainment on the board, making the Dubai Transit visa ideal for the ongoing passenger. The validity of the visa stands for four days, giving enough time for the applicant to sync up with prominent tourist spots and explore the local culture.
  2. 14 days- Many have their loved ones either working or attending their engagements in Dubai, which is quite common. If you plan a quick catch up, then apply for a 14 days Dubai visit visa. The applicant gets an approved stay of 2 weeks but can a trip anytime within two months.
  3. 30 days- Those who wish to soak in the beach sand at a relaxed pace can opt for a month-long visa. You should plan your trip within two months but be aware as you get to step in and out of the country just once.
  4. 60 days- Many food bloggers, architecture specialists, YouTubers, journos, and event planners must stay in Dubai to execute their professional commitments. Exploring landscapes, restaurants and iconic parks consumes time. To record unique experiences, one can opt for a two-month Dubai visit visa. It is better to plan a single entry trip with this type of visa but ensure you exit the country before or after 60 days.
  5. 90 days- A good deal of ex-pats visit their earning members in Dubai on this type of visa. You can pace up relaxed by exploring the quality of the city's compass. Plan your trip within two months and exit by completing 90 days.

Multiple entry category

A multiple entry travel permit opens up several visits to the destination country. Avail of the following visas from this bracket:

  1. 14 days- As Dubai facilitates oodles of avenues to set up your dream project, work, job or other related tasks. In such a scenario, one might have to travel back and forth between the destination and home country. 14 day visit visa for Dubai aids easy travel preventing the passenger from paying extra for each visit.
  2. 30 days- Meetings and conferences can be a daunting task if you are limited to just one entry. Apply for 30 days multiple entry visit visa to Dubai to ease your constraints and attend your professional engagements.
  3. 60 days- Did you know you can enjoy multiple destination holidays with this visa? If not, you better reach out at to explore not just the possibilities out how to make them happen.
  4. 90 days- Another lucrative option for travellers seeking Dubai visit visa is to apply for a 90 days visa. Under this permit, you can prolong your stay and invest quality time in your engagements. Ensure your stay does not exceed three months.

Requirements for Dubai visit visa

We cite the below requisites:

  • A valid passport
  • A clear photograph

Steps- Visit visa Dubai

Gain your Dubai visit visa with the below easy steps:

  • Step 1

Log on

  • Step 2

Select your country of departure and citizenship

  • Step 3

You reach the Dubai visa page that offers official information about the visa validity, stay validity, visa cost, requirements, important notes, and travel insurance details.

  • Step 4

Choose the 'Apply now' tab and start filing data for an online Dubai visa application.

  • Step 5

At this stage, upload documents, add several applicants, and proceed by choosing the 'Submit' tab.

  • Step 6

Review the summary of your application, choose Submit tab, and make a secured online payment.

On the successful payment, you will receive a confirmation from the system citing your visa application details. Our bunch of experts will assess your application and guide you through the process to clear your way for smooth visa approvals.

Many citizens need to submit additional documents along with their passports and photographs. Nationalities play a vital role in visa processing.

Now that you are clear of the simplicity of the Dubai visit visa application process, reach us and experience smooth travel to the United Arab Emirates.

We promise availability on various platforms like Skype, email, chat, and calls. Apply for a visit visa for Dubai today!