The year 2023 has emerged as a pioneer to embrace responsible travel with Dubai opening its doors wide and large for global tourists and business persons.

If there is any destination that offers 360-degree amazement, it is Dubai. The emirate unapologetically is a record holder on this planet. Dubai rests with some of the most prestigious addresses in the world. The historical canvas of the emirate is par excellence. Dubai tourist visa is the most sought worldwide because of its cosmopolitan personality. The various types of Dubai itineraries can be based on:

  •  Architectural Tourism
  • Beach Tourism
  • Historical Tourism
  • Entertainment Parks Tourism
  • City Tours
  • Food Tourism
  • Events and Festivals Tourism
  • Shopping Paradise Tourism
  • Kids Tourism
  • Wedding destination
  • Luxury Escapes Tourism

Dubai is one place where explorers can discover the city's vibes as per the above categories. The emirate is the most excited among others in the United Arab Emirates. While filing the online Dubai visa application form, you can plan your Dubai trip with the professional help of team Insta Dubai Visa. The Emirate of Dubai gives never-ending reasons to visit and resonate with its culture and hospitality.

'Top 5 reasons to visit Dubai in 2023'

  1. Dubai is a safe destination- All the emirates of the United Arb Emirates have strict rules and laws to regulate the safety of the locals and the tourists. Being a top tourist destination, Dubai has a large and competent fleet of well-trained and highly agile police forces. The force comprises both men and women, assuring equal help and required action when required. Locals and immigrants sometimes leave their doors unlocked to discover that everything remains untouched back home. Migrants and other visa-seekers can get educated about the safety of the emirate while applying for an online Dubai visa at Insta Dubai Visa. Our blog section contains all the guidance needed to travel to Dubai. The Dubai Police Force rides on Dubai roads on super fast beasts that outperform a chase on wheels. Rarely does a crime exist in Dubai and its nearby emirates. Dubai Expo 2020 is proof that a global event that comprises heavy participation, infrastructure and coordination between several executing elements within and outside the emirate can only be pulled off in Dubai.
  2. Superlative and ever-evolving skyline- The emirate has shaped its skyline that is a showstopper on the world map. The glitzy metal spiking into the sky hosting luxurious stays, plush restaurants, view decks, breathtaking panoramic pools and all-inclusive business beds make these spikers contagious and magnetic. Downtown Dubai, Dubai Creek and Palm Jumeirah are brimming examples of urban horizons of the land. The development of the Dubai land has put the emirate and the country on the world tourism map. While applying for a UAE visit visa, you can always gain knowledge of including visits to places from where the Dubai Skyline is not only visible but heart-stirring.
  3. Easy to move around- It has become effortless and convenient for visitors to gain access to the city. Facilities like the driverless Dubai Metro, rental cars, cabs, city tour busses, local transport, women-driven cabs have made commuting in Dubai pretty easy and user-friendly. Drivers and tour operators speak multiple languages to facilitate easy communication with tourists. Navigation signs are clear and readable to visitors, while instruction boards and essential information are pretty handy and simple. While visiting restaurants, they design and offer menu cards to make the patrons choose their favourites and enjoy their meals in a favourable ambience. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. While it facilitates high transit traffic, many nationalities can communicate and gain help at the airport because of multi-lingual services and facilities. One of the main reasons tourists choose Dubai visit visa is the simple accessibility the emirate offers to its visitors.
  4. Shape into a healthy self- Dubai has turned almost all its lovers into health freaks. If not all, it continues to inspire us to become one. The onset of marathons, sports events, health clubs and gyms, yoga hubs and vegan restaurants. Many locals and visitors seek fit morning schedules, healthy and nutritious diets and relaxing spas. Bike tracks, cycling tracks, jogger tracks and walking lanes are shaped to keep you in shape. The country's government pays equal importance to the health quotient of the tourists and the locals. Many visa-seekers who apply for long-term visas, like the five year Dubai visa with multiple entry, head to Dubai to lead a healthy routine for themselves and their loved ones. Health centres have been set up to offer advice to those seeking health care. Mental health and wellness are now given high importance, and efforts are made to be vocal about the same. Workplaces, schools, educational institutions and other public domains also vouch for and encourage health and well-being. While applying for an online Dubai tourist visa, applicants can always seek guidance from places and centres supporting the exact cause.
  5. Multiple tourism is the cakeaway- Visa policies of the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries are easeful and facilitated through proper channels. Visitors approaching any emirate of the UAE can visit neighbouring countries easily. Oman, Saudi Arabia, even Turkey visas are readily gained at the Immigration Department or can be applied online and at Insta Dubai Visa. Applicants approaching a UAE tourist visa can also use and gain an Oman visa, Turkey visa, or Saudi Arabia visa online as per their travel dates and itineraries. You can also explore nearby countries and their islands by road or cruise. A single destination like Dubai offers easy travel, accessibility, stay options and leisure trips to neighbouring countries as well. We urge you not to miss this bonus in 2023. Hygiene protocols of the pandemic are clearly stated, and they have relaxed restrictions as the wave is declining. Still, local authorities and municipal corporations keep a close watch to avoid any outbursts or spread.

Dubai is all set to embrace tourism and tourists in full swing in 20 22. Patrons need not worry about the pandemic scares as laws and guidelines have been put in place, and travellers are always kept informed about the updates in the same. Apply for an online UAE tourist visa and get regular updates on travel. Enjoy a relaxed and fun-filled trip to your dream destination. To reach us, log on to now.


1. What makes Dubai a must-visit destination?

Dubai's iconic skyline, luxurious shopping, and diverse cultural experiences make it an unparalleled destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of modernity and tradition.

2. Are there family-friendly attractions in Dubai?

Absolutely! From theme parks like IMG Worlds of Adventure to the Dubai Aquarium, families can enjoy a range of attractions and activities for all ages.

3. What are the top reasons to visit Dubai for shopping enthusiasts?

Dubai boasts world-class shopping destinations, including the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, offering everything from luxury brands to traditional souvenirs.

4. Is Dubai only about skyscrapers, or are there cultural experiences too?

Beyond the skyline, Dubai preserves its rich heritage with attractions like the Dubai Museum, historic neighborhoods, and the vibrant spice and gold souks.

5. Can adventure seekers find activities in Dubai?

Absolutely! Dubai offers thrilling adventures such as desert safaris, hot air balloon rides, and water sports, catering to adrenaline junkies.