Travelling involves a lot for planning before you jet off. Essentials like flight bookings, visas and other things to do can sometimes be very exhausting. A common plight which travellers face is that what should be done first- should I book a ticket or should I first get the visa? 

Well, you have to be informed about the procedures to travel to different countries. Your nationality also plays an important role in prioritising what should be done first or both the things go hand in hand. While some countries require a confirmed travel document, other countries allow you to apply without the same. But to be precise, many countries around the world have started asking for round trip proof or onward travel while applying for a visa. 

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People who are travelling or planning to travel constantly have a question in mind whether it is a good idea to have a confirmed round ticket while applying for a visa. What if the visa does not get approved? No traveller wants to lose money. For more clarity on this answer, it is important to understand what the specific requirements of visa application eligibility are.

You can obtain visa by either visiting the relevant embassy or by applying dubai visa online. If you apply with Insta Dubai visa, minimum documents are required. The online dubai visa application process is so easy and fast at that will make your travel hassle-free. The embassy usually does not require a confirmed airline document, so we recommend that you should apply for a visa first until and unless specified in the guidelines.

The process of visa can become quite messy and exhausting if you do not go through the guideline carefully which usually travellers miss before applying for the visa. If you have complied with all the requirements for applying visa, you can obtain it within the mentioned time period. But some applications do require further verification that will lead to delay in acquiring visa. So do apply for visa well in advance.

First timers do face a lot of issues while applying for visa. They usually miss the eligibility criteria and then end up in visa denials. If you are looking for professional visa guidance, log on to Some first timers commit blunders by booking their flights and hotel well in advance in order to avail maximum benefit of discounts offered. And when visa gets rejected or delayed, they suffer losses. Rescheduling or cancelling bookings create a lot of ruckus and brings down your travel plans. In worst case scenarios, you might lose all money in the cancellation process of tickets and end up paying huge penalties for cancelling hotel bookings. Your confirmed air ticket or travel itinerary provides increases the chances for visa approval but does not guarantee a visa.

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No Travel Proof Required

Very few countries do not require confirmed air ticket or hotel booking according to their immigration laws like:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Dubai
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • UK
  • US

While applying for visa, the application form of these countries require dates of travel. These are possible dates and they act as an information to the Immigration Officer along with visa type and purpose of travel.

Some countries offer visa on arrival or visa free access. This depends on your nationality. In such a scenario, your passport will get stamped with an entry permit giving you access to that particular country. You can book your tickets and accommodations easily without any risk of visa delay or rejection in this case.

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Not Clear?

Visa approvals and the time required highly depend on the citizenship of the applicant. The requirements are different for different countries. Visa requirement can be daunting. Either you are a first timer or an experienced flyer, your right to knowledge is paramount. So, if you feel that you need a hassle-free visa service which is quick and easy, log on to