Dubai Visa with Single Entry

You can apply for many types of Dubai visas. The criteria will centre around your purpose of travel, time, and other travel factors. UAE offers visa with single and multiple entries. This facilitates the needs and requirements of the traveller visiting the country. You can choose the number of days according to your stay schedule or travel itinerary in Dubai. If your visa service provider is hosting offers or discounts, you can plan your travel accordingly.

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You will have to apply for a Dubai visa to know which type of entry suits your purpose of travel. The most simple and safest way to acquire a Dubai visa is through an online medium. This way, you escape many hassles and save precious time. You can apply for an online Dubai visa for single entry:

14 days Dubai visa

This visa proves beneficial to those seeking a short visit to the country. You can opt for this option for a quick show up on a meeting or a part of a special occasion and then fly back. You can stay for up to 14 days. The visa stands valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

30 days Dubai visa

This visa is most helpful when you plan to spend some quality time with family and friends. You can also go for this option if you have to be present in multiple meetings within 30 days since you can enter the country once. This visa carries validity of 60 days. The visitor enjoys a valid stay of 30 days with this visa.

60 days Dubai visa

Travellers seeking a medium-term stay in Dubai or who wish to explore other emirates can apply for this visa. Students who aspire to continue higher studies can explore their options under this visa. Youtubers, bloggers who are into broadcasting travel stories, commonly opt for 60 days Dubai visa. This gives them enough time to stay and experience the country. Valid stay under this visa is for 60 days, while the visa stands valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

90 days Dubai visa

Many fall in love with this city and like to spend more time with the Arabian bliss. A 3-month visit with a single entry is a good option for those wishing to sink in the dusky sands of the country. This visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue of the visa.

90 days Job Seeker visa

Dubai continues to give career opportunities to the world. Due to this reason, the ex-pat population is more than the local one. Under this visa, you can apply for jobs, appear for tests and interviews and crack your dream work in Dubai. This visa does not provide you work visa. After you get your career, this visa expires. The company that had hired you applies for your work visa on your behalf. This visa gives you a valid stay for 90 days.

Transit visa

Travellers around the world transit through Dubai for their onward journeys. To transit through Dubai, one requires a Dubai Transit visa. This visa is valid for 60 days and comes with a permissible stay period of 96 hours.

Dubai gives a lot of flexible options to travellers that suit preferences. You can apply for different stay periods under a single entry Dubai visa.

Travel Safe!