The charm of Dubai is beyond everyone's imagination. This human crafted land depicts not only the past, and present, but also the future. The city speaks high in itself, and every visitor soaks in the heart of this paradise.

Some of the top names of the tourist attraction in Dubai are- Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Jumeirah Beach, Atlantis Hotel, Mall of Emirates, and Dubai Mall. I can’t wait anymore and wish to know about the Dubai tourist visa cost.

Whether you talk about a kid or any youngsters, the city of Dubai attracts people of all age groups and presents numerous activities. It embraces you with open arms. Stepping into this land is altogether a different experience.

Necessary documents for a Dubai tourist visa

Travellers planning to Dubai must attach the following documents on the portal:

  • The applicant must upload a clear copy of their valid passport bearing the validity of 6 months before their travel.
  • Also, upload a copy of the passport photograph.

Dubai Tourist Visa

The tourist visa of Dubai from India is an official nod given by the government of Dubai which facilitates a traveller to travel to Dubai. The visa mainly fulfils the requirements of those who may have to tour Dubai or neighbouring emirates and plan business meetings, attend conferences with business partners, go sightseeing, and much more.

The stay validity will be dependent upon the type of visa you are going to choose. It is important to keep in mind that all the visas hold validity for 60 days from the date of issue. All the types of visas along with their visa fee are cited in the below-table.

Dubai Tourist Visa Cost

UAE Government offers numerous types of Dubai tourist visa for Indian citizens and around the globe. Here is the list of visas you can see it below and choose your visa as per are desire. Let's have look with us:

Visa Types


Extension (Applicable or Non-Applicable) 

Visa Validity

Stay Validity

Visa fee in USD (Normal Service)

 Processing time
(Normal Service) 

14 days

Single Entry 

Multiple Entry 









Visa is valid for 60 days
from the date of issue.

14 days

$ 189

$ 390


  24 to 72 (Working hours)

30 days
Dubai Visa

Single Entry

Multiple Entry




30 days

$ 199

$ 445



60 days

Single Entry

Multiple Entry



60 days

$ 465

$ 749


90 days

Single Entry

Multiple Entry



90 days

$ 540

$ 940


96 hours Dubai Transit Visa

Single Entry (Only)


96 hours

$ 149


Only a glimpse of the table has expressed everything about a tourist visa to Dubai cost from India.

Single Entry: Even the word has a definition in itself. It means that a traveller is allowed to enter once into the UAE. The visa meets its end when you come out of the UAE.

Multiple Entry: The meaning of a multiple entry is quite simple- frequent visits. Yes, it allows you to fly to and from Dubai as many times as you wish. It must be kept in mind that such entries will be possible only during the stay period.

  • 14 days: Those who wish to enjoy sightseeing, spend time with kids, family friends, and visit relatives must go in for this visa. With this visa, they are allowed to stay in Dubai for 14 days.
  • 30 days: If a visitor wishes to have a city tour, spend quality time with their beloved, and many more, choose 30 days Dubai visa. Holding this visa in your hand, you can roam in the UAE for 30 days. Dubai tourist visa cost for this type of visa is mentioned above.
  • 60 days: Travellers planning to stay in Dubai for a sufficient period should apply for this visa. Through this visa, they can step into other emirates for business purposes, meet delegates hailing from the other parts of the country, and many other options. The stay validity is granted for 60 days.
  • 90 days: The visa holds a special value for travellers who like to spend leisure time with family friends and relatives. The stay is valid for 90 days from the date of your entry. Scroll up and know how to avail of a tourist visa of Dubai from India.
  • 96 hours: It is the most preferred option for visitors who wish to transit through Dubai or UAE. Not only this, you are eligible to have a city tour as well. It is valid for a period of 96 hours from the date of issue.

Dubai tourist visa has equal significance in all parts of the UAE. In simple words, you can land anywhere in the UAE with a Dubai tourist visa.

What is the difference between express service and normal service?

Basically, both the services are required to process visa. Normal service is also known as regular service wherein a visa-seeker gets a visa within 24 to 72 working hours in their registered email address. Wherein, the express service processes visa in the shortest time. All types of Dubai visa price for Indian in normal service is mentioned above.

Generally, visitors opt for a regular service when there is no emergency.

  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping in malls
  • Visiting restaurants
  • Strolling at the beach
  • Experiencing nightlife
  • Pre-schedule meetings
  • Attending functions

Situations mentioned above are best to opt for regular service.

When there is an emergency, they have to choose express service:

  1. Health issues
  2. Unplanned schedules
  3. Emergency meeting

What is the cost of a tourist visa to Dubai from India in express service? Kindly reach out to us via 24X7 Chat Support or WhatsApp.

What is the procedure to apply for a Dubai tourist visa?

Go through the below procedure and apply anytime. You are always at every will to apply for a Dubai tourist visa anywhere from around the globe.

Kindly reach out to

Choose your nationality from the dropdown menu and the country you are currently residing.

Now, you have the visa options before you. Select the visa as intended, and press Apply Now.

The visa application form is before you. Fill in the details clearly and attach documents- a copy of valid passport and passport size photo.

If someone else is accompanying you, click on Add More Applicant tab and attach their name to your form.

After clicking on the Submit Application tab, you just need to make payments. The options are- Paypal, Credit card or Debit card.

Check your mail inbox with all the relevant information.

IDV has been exceptional across all levels. Through this blog, it has covered everything related to a tourist visa to Dubai from India. For more information, kindly speak to us via 24X7 Chat Support or WhatsApp.