Those who wish to explore lands that have made headlines always look for easy and handy methods to travel. Visa is an integral part of any travel plan. Many nations are far behind in straightforward visa procedures, including the United Arab Emirates. When an applicant initiates the online visa application procedure, they often seek guidance on the procedure of getting a Dubai visa. By gaining a travel permit to Dubai, one can enjoy and explore the other harmonious emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. We recommend seeking expert guidance from top visa agencies or online visa service providers to enable a smooth Dubai visa procedure.

Dubai visa procedure has been more than sorted since the inception of the country's e-visa. The game-changer called an electronic travel permit to Dubai is the most sought-after method for those seeking access to world-class destinations. Applicants looking for easy and hassle-free procedures are recommended to apply through an online mode.

At Insta Dubai Visa, we fashioned the travel procedure of Dubai visa to enable wanders traverse into an epic journey. Travel is a therapy, and visa is the key to the therapy. So, we have made effortless route maps to ensure a smooth trip and a memorable one. Our repeat customers swear by our methods to serve them through our online presence. Insta Dubai Visa is an online visa service provider integrated with high-end technology that assures:

  • Easy input of information
  • Handy uploading of documents (Minimal requirement)
  • Highly secured payments
  • Live tracking of visa status
  • Prompt notification of Dubai visa procedure

Procedure of Dubai Visa

The online procedure for a Dubai visa is a seamless and quick one. Applicants can apply and gain the permit from the comfort of their couch. Visa services at Insta Dubai Visa are available around the globe. Travel experts have designed such services to enable hassle-free itineraries and memorable episodes. Ultra-advanced technology has been well-integrated with travel requirements to offer end-to-end travel services around the planet.

Steps to apply for a Dubai visa

Log on to

Select the "How to apply" tab on the above menu bar of the website.

An application form opens up where you have to submit accessible information, some by selecting from the drop-down menu and some through human input. With just a click, you can upload your required documents here and add several travelers if you need to add them.

Proceed by clicking the 'Submit' tab and check once the summary of your visa application.

Make secured payments through your valid debit card or credit card. You can reach our service experts available 24X7 to assist you, call or drop your concern at

On making the online payment, the applicant will receive a confirmation of the submission of the Dubai visa application. Post this, our team will:

  • Appoint a dedicated visa expert to the applicant
  • Scrutinize your application
  • Check the quality of your documents
  • Check the relevance and authentication of your travel documents
  • Confirm the payment received
  • Assure to start your Dubai visa procedure
  • Attend to your concerns and queries
  • Guide you through the possibilities of Dubai tourism, stay and airport transfers
  • Enable a smooth and stress-free travel experience

The entire time taken for the procedure for getting a Dubai visa is recorded as the shortest time possible in the industry at Insta Dubai Visa.

Dubai Visa procedures made easy at Insta Dubai Visa

Dubai is a top-tourist hub with varied ways to access and enjoy the land. Apart from being a tourist destination, the country offers many ways to invest, perform business, live your dream job and spend your retirement life in any emirate. Endless opportunities and productive travel solutions have made the United Arab Emirates one of the most sought countries in the world.

The Dubai visa procedure was offline earlier as the applicant had to pile up many documents and wait in queues for long hours. They even had to book appointments with Immigration officers, but not any more now. Insta Dubai Visa has made it quite handy and quick for you to enjoy your travel.

Why Insta Dubai Visa?

We are the leading online Dubai visa service providers. Our repeated customers encourage us to serve better and up our game to provide a seamless visa experience. Travel permits have never been easily accessible. They created a gap between many that have now been successfully filled with our latest travel solutions like none. Our physical presence is in India, UAE and Oman. But or online presence is wherever you are. With Insta Dubai Visa, you enjoy:

  1. The only platform to integrate high-end technology for visa processing.
  2. The only name that proudly has recorded the shortest possible time to gain a visa- it was just a matter of minutes.
  3. The online visa application form is super quick and easy to fill.
  4. The applicant is never left alone. Trustworthy guidance assured.
  5. Significant information is to be selected instead of human input.
  6. Minimum documentation
  7. Professional support of seasoned travel experts.
  8. Data protection is highest in the industry
  9. High-security norms followed for payment gateways and information management.
  10. Assured visa approvals
  11. Post visa issuance support
  12. 24X7 support available
  13. Multiple mediums of communication like Skype, email, call, chat.
  14. You can apply it from any gadget like a mobile, desktop, tab and laptop.
  15. Complete guidance on the procedure for a Dubai visa.


During the entire procedure for a Dubai visa, the applicant is well-guided and supported to ensure a quick and smooth online visa application process. You do not have to juggle about the travel permit anymore. Families, groups, corporates, and solos - we have all got you covered. We understand and believe that what are the plights that one faces when you have to cross borders for varied purposes. Moving to a new land with kids or elderly co-travellers can be challenging and a daunting task.

When you are with Insta Dubai Visa, your move is beyond expectation, either solo or with your loved ones.

Let's catch up for a holiday!