Dubai is considered one of the most secured emirates of the UAE. Its law structure provides complete safety to the locals, ex-pats and visitors. Dubai gives firm reasons to people around the world to prefer this city. Dubai tops the most loved tourist destination for vacations, investments and retirement living.  

Most of the countries are eligible for a Dubai visa. But some countries do not enjoy the benefit like others. The advantage here could be in the form of required documents, additional documents, visa type or any legal fit.

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Eligibility for a Dubai visa depends on the international relations between the countries. If they are diplomatic, citizens of those countries carry privileges while travelling to the United Arab Emirates. If ties are undiplomatic, visa processes are carried out with extra paperwork and verification by the Immigration department.

So let us have clarity on the Dubai visa.

Dubai Visa is an authorized document that permits an applicant to access the borders of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai government grants this authorization after a strict verification process of the applicant's visa application. The Dubai visa acts like a proper authority that permits you for a legal stay in the city. The permit carries all vital information encrypted to secure the applicant's privacy like name, nationality, visa validity, stay validity, and entries.

Applicants can apply for an online Dubai visa easily. It is known as Dubai evisa. With the integration of advanced technology, it is the most secure form of online Dubai visa application.

It is essential to know that GCC nations' citizens do not require a Dubai visa to access the country. They only need to show their GCC country passport at the Immigration Desk.  So, applicants who wish to apply for an online Dubai visa should check their nationality. This check is vital to know the procedure while an applicant applies for Dubai evisa.

Requirements for Dubai Visa

  • A duly filled Dubai visa application form
  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photograph as per Dubai photo protocols
  • Applicant should submit a cover letter that states the purpose of your visit.
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Applicant should submit complete details of confirmed hotel bookings should be forwarded to the Dubai government.
  • The applicant must submit a bank statement ensuring that he/she can have enough funds for a valid stay in Dubai. 

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Guidelines for sponsor

  • Please attach an invitation letter from a Dubai citizen with the application form of Dubai evisa.
  • The sponsor shall bear paperwork charges.
  • Kindly submit essential documents to the Ministry of Human Resources at least 3 hours before landing the applicant's flight.
  • The sponsor should submit a copy of the Identity Card and Residential Identity Card at the Security booth.
  • A letter from the sponsor states he/she would be responsible for your stay in Dubai. 

Remember to inquire about the procedures and guidelines required when you apply for an online Dubai visa. This way, your visa processing will be proper and hassle-free.

Travel Safe!