The United Arab Emirates comprises a considerable ex-pat population. The country provides endless avenues to build careers, higher studies, investment opportunities, dream jobs, long-term family migration, and retirement possibilities. Such a cosmopolitan with world-class facilities, high security, robust local legitimacy and comprehensive travel and residence solutions make UAE the most sought destination worldwide. As the migrant population consist of significant strata of Indian citizens, many visa-seekers look for guidance to apply for Dubai visa for Indian national.

An Indian national is born in India. He should hold a valid Indian passport to apply for a visa.

Apply for Dubai Visa from India

Indian citizens are the highest seekers of Dubai visas for various reasons like:

  1. Study
  2. Job
  3. Business
  4. Investment
  5. Banking
  6. Tourism
  7. Wedding destination
  8. Corporate visits (MICE)
  9. Hosting events
  10. Contract-based work


Different nationalities have to follow various Dubai visa procedures to seek access to the land of living and brimming wonders. Immigration authorities mandate nationals of countries like Nigeria and Pakistan to ensure a visa in advance. Still, they have to provide additional certificates or documents to apply for a Dubai visa from India. Citizens of countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia (the list is on) enjoy the privilege of a visa on arrival (discretion of the Immigration officer). In contrast, countries like India have to secure a travel permit well in advance to gain access to the United Arab Emirates.

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You can gain your Dubai visa in the following modes:

  • Offline Mode

Applicants can physically visit the nearest Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. They are expected to carry the file of required documents with them while they make their way to the embassy. We recommend you handle physical carefully. While you head to the embassy, you need to book an appointment with the visa officer, who will assess your file and decide when to send your application for processing. Dubai visa from an Indian national is possible through the physical approach to the embassy.

Do not miss that a duly filled visa application form is pivotal in the entire visa procedure. Offline mode is known to be a consuming process for applicants. They cannot manage other engagements that might concern their travel and arrangements. At Insta Dubai Visa, we offer Sticker visa service where the applicant need not visit as our dedicated visa specialist will perform the role of the official representative for the applicant.

  • Online Mode

Fast forward to the process of acquiring an online Dubai visa from India. Make it possible with Insta Dubai Visa and discover new ways to travel across borders. Reach out to a team of reliable and expert visa specialists who attend to your concerns at once. We give you a bunch of reasons. You decide why you should connect with Insta Dubai Visa:

  • A trustworthy platform for critical travel services
  • Easily navigational on various devices like mobile, tab and laptops.
  • Technology oriented platform truly raised for travellers
  • Easy accessibility and navigation through the entire process of visa application and other travel elements
  • Reliable travel teams and multiple departments to serve at every stage and requirement of your trip
  • Minimal documentation required (nationality plays a key role)
  • Other visa related tasks like status, tracking, payment and multiple applicants travelling can be sorted at Insta Dubai visa
  • Save precious time and hassles that otherwise consume the applicant on the whole
  • A team of experts available for travellers who also handle visa challenging applications proficiently

Simple way to get a Dubai visa for an Indian National

Insta Dubai Visa has fashioned a high-end online travel portal for passengers moving worldwide. Indian citizens get easy access to the website of IDV on multiple devices.

You need to go by the quick and straightforward steps to secure a travel permit for yourself in advance.

Step 1
Search for Insta Dubai

Step 2
Choose your nationality as Indian and your destination country as the United Arab Emirates. Select the 'Go' tab.

Step 3
You reach an informative page on Dubai visas for Indian citizens. This page clarifies:

  1. Different Dubai visa and their details like validity of visa and stay
  2. Documents required for an Indian national to apply for an online Dubai visa
  3. The type of service an applicant can avail off
  4. Buy mandatory travel insurance if not purchased before the visa application process
  5. Opt for additional but essential services like airport transfer
  6. Go through important information laid down by the country's official authorities you wish to travel
  7. Benefits offered to repeat customers
  8. Simple FAQs that can answer your queries on hand. Still, if you need further clarification, reach our 24X7 chat support.

Step 4
Once you have read and decided on your visa, choose the 'Apply now' tab.

Step 5
You reach the online Dubai visa application form, where you can quickly submit information and upload required documents. Add applicants if needed. Click on the 'Submit' tab.

Step 6
Review the summary page and make secured payments at this stage.

Your procedure of visa application ends here. An acknowledgement email by Insta Dubai Visa will be sent to your registered inbox. This carries a reference number that will help you track your live application status. You can seek the support of experts at as well.

The moment your online application reflects at our end, we will assign you a personalised visa specialist who will closely work on your application. This exercise is performed to assure that the application is free from flaws, and we can start the process at the earliest. You are in excellent and safe hands while we process your visa. In the meantime, you can take care of other travel arrangements like hotel bookings, ticket bookings and package bookings. You can effectively perform these tasks as you can live track the status of your online Dubai visa for an Indian national. Once the travel permit is approved, you will receive a soft copy of the same in your registered inbox. While travelling, you need to carry a copy to present at the immigration desk.

So, get in touch today and experience innovative travel.