Dubai has been experiencing a surge in tourism for quite some time now. And there is no looking back for this cosmopolitan city. Ever since the electronic visa was introduced, travellers found visiting this region extremely handy and quick. The statistics always rise in the number of visitors to this land. You can be the next one. You just need to log on to For reliable and quick Dubai visa for Indians, our 24x7 chat support team is available.

Visa is a critical part of your travel plans. When handled systematically and most professionally, visa processes and approvals become easy and quick. With electronic visa, you just need to fill up the online application form, upload the documents and make secured payments. Rest assured you are in safe hands when it comes to Insta Dubai visa. IDV has the shortest possible time recorded for visa approvals in the industry. Dubai visa for Indians is an extremely easy process and IDV handles this process will full efficiency. We receive thousands of applications for Dubai visa from Indian nationals. They get registered and approved in no time.

Dubai visa from India is possible with Insta Dubai Visa. Indian citizens have to just fill in the online application form which is designed to make the online application process a huge hassle-free procedure. You can read Insta Dubai Visa reviews to learn how efficient and reliable are the procedures at IDV. Dubai visa on arrival is also enjoyed by Indians seeking Dubai visa for Indians. Please visit our blog section to know more. is a user-friendly online platform where Dubai visa can be applied from India. Team IDV extends its support to applicants seeking Dubai visa for Indians.

Why Insta Dubai Visa?

Travellers and visitors are sometimes in a state of confusion for the perfect pick for visa services. Many times it becomes tough to learn and follow correct platforms for checking them out. IInsta Dubai visa has been providing relentlessly for over a decade now. Our customers do not just connect with us anymore now. They bond. This comes after earning trust through proper business communication and service delivery. Online application forms at IDV are designed to choose from options which is a huge time saver. We have created a robust database as our services are accessible worldwide.

With IDV minimum documentation is required and payments are made in the most secured environment. Indian citizens constitute a prominent segment of the ex-pat population in Dubai. We deliver prompt and highly protected online Dubai visa services to Indian nationals. You can visit Insta Dubai visa reviews to know more about our reliability quotient. 

Do I need a UAE visa if I have an Indian passport?

Absolutely. You need to apply for an electronic Dubai visit visa/Dubai tourist visa to enter the region.

What is an electronic Dubai visa/UAE visa?

An electronic Dubai visa is an entry permit granted to the applicant. This visa is linked to the applicant’s passport electronically.

Do Indian citizens enjoy the privilege of Dubai visa on arrival status?

Yes. Indian citizens do enjoy the Dubai visa on arrival status. The valid stay period for this visa is 14 days. But there are some conditions which are required to be fulfilled for Indian passport holders. You can read the conditions here.

What is the valid stay period for Indian passport holders in UAE with electronic UAE tourist visa?

Indian citizens with Dubai electronic visa have a valid stay of 30 days in the United Arab Emirates. This visa is for visit or tourism only. Indians cannot work or do business on such type of visa. Please read here ‘Different Dubai visa types’.

What type of documents should Indian applicants be ready with while applying for Dubai visa from India?

Please be advised that Indian nationals need to be ready with the following Dubai Visa documents before applying for online Dubai visa:

  • Passport - Applicants seeking Dubai visa need to understand that the most important document to apply for a Dubai visa is a valid passport. A passport carrying a validity of 6 months stands valid for applying for Dubai visa.

  • Scan copy - It is highly recommended to have a clear scanned copy of the passport while applying for Dubai visa. Clarity of documents is of prime importance while applying for online UAE visa. Please read here the reasons for visa rejection.

  • Photograph - Your passport size photograph is required while you are ready to apply for online Dubai visa. Please visit our blog section to understand the photo protocols which are laid down by the Immigration authorities.

  • Valid email address - The entire communication process and payment acknowledgements are put across through email. We recommend that you provide a valid email address and is accessible by the applicant. You can even drop your queries on Team IDV 24x7 chat support.

  • Payment options - While hiring visa services, you are required to make secured payments. Applicants should have a debit card or a debit card. Please make sure your debit or credit card is working.

Is there any validity of the electronic Dubai tourist visa?

The Dubai Tourist visa for Indian nationals is 60 days.

Dubai Visa Price includes

  • Consulate fees
  • Travel insurance (if you applied insurance with Visa)
  • All taxes
  • Service charges
Depending on the purpose of your planned visit and duration of trip, you can apply for 14 days, 30 days (short term) or 90 days (long term) Dubai Visa (Single & Multiple entry). We are one of the leading Dubai Visa Experts offering visa services at the lowest prices and minimum documentation.

Is online Dubai visa application process long for Indian citizens?

Not at all. The biggest advantage of the online visa application process is that it takes about 6-7 minutes and your application is submitted. It is an extremely simple and quick process at Insta Dubai visa. Team IDV has designed the online visa application process in such a way that you need to choose from the drop-down menus. Only dynamic information needs to be filled up in the form. This hugely saves time and hassle. The uploading of documents is equally easy. The secured payment methods are integrated with the highest protection procedures. So with Insta Dubai visa, Indian citizens can apply for Dubai visa in the most efficient manner.

This way you need not visit the consulate or embassy physically with a huge pile of documents stranded in queues.

Please read ‘How to apply for UAE visa’.

After making secured payments, how will I get my visa?

Once you have completed the online application form and made payments, you will receive an acknowledgement from IDV into your registered email address. You can track your application status at The progress of your application is also sent across through email address. Once your visa is approved, you will receive your electronic UAE/Dubai visa through email. You are required to carry the copy of this visa while you travel and present it to the Immigration Department.

Can my family members travel on my Dubai visa?

No. Every single traveller is treated as a separate visitor. You need to apply for separate visas if your family is travelleing with you. Passport copies of children along with their photographs shall be attached to the parent’s application form while applying for a Dubai visa. While filling the online application form, you have the provision to add more number of applicants which is an extremely simple process. Team IDV is available 24x7 to support you at any stage.

Can any mistake be corrected in my online visa application form?

Yes. Once you registered with IDV, you will be granted access to your account. Through this, you can edit your application or you can seek assistance with IDV chat support team. 

We hope this blog is helpful to guide Indian citizens through the online UAE/Dubai visa application process.


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