IPL 2020 will be opening its eyes on September 19. UAE will be under spotlight till 10th November where the world will witness the best cricket teams’ fight for the Indian Premier League Trophy.

The IPL Governing Council has come up with the decision of venue where the IPL matches will be played. The emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah are all set to host the world’s most exciting and thrilling event.

The other key decisions that have been taken are:

  • In total, there will ten double-headers.
  • During the IPL play-offs, four matches of Women’s T20 Challenge will be played.
  • Matches to be played at night will start at 19:30 IST instead of the earlier schedule 20:00 IST.
  • The games to played in the noon will start at 15:30 IST.

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COVID-19 Replacements, Squad Size & SOP’s

The comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures are about to come out any moment. The agencies will have to adhere to the SOP’s to deliver a secured environment for conducting IPL 2020 event. Coming from a high rising infected country like India, unlimited replacements are allowed in IPL 2020. This will secure the health and safety scenario in the UAE and across the globe.

This will also secure the sponsors of the event to carry on with the deals without changes, giving them financially strong environment to operate in such trying times.  The squad size per franchise will be 24 players.

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An IPL GC member shared that BCCI is in talks with Tata Group to create a bio-bubble in regards with the concern of creating a medical facility in the UAE.

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