The world's most loved destination, Dubai has started issuing visa according to news sources. Dubai had discontinued in visa issuance in the wake to control the pandemic. From 29th July 2020, Wednesday, Dubai has started rolling out visas to multiple nationalities.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) is still to announce changes in rules for issuance. Amer centre and prominent travel agents confirmed that Dubai has started issuing visit visas to citizens of all countries but with some exceptions.

Visitors seeking a tourism visit to Dubai will have to apply through tourism agencies. Employees at Amer have started receiving applications as there are no restrictions on nationalities. Though approvals will take time. Travel agents have said that applications for the Dubai visa at GDRFA have been approved including Indians.

The Manager of International Travel Serviced confirmed that all the applications which they had submitted to GDRFA have been approved.

Many travel agencies have started receiving inquiries for applications for a visa as Dubai has opened its gates.

Locals who had to part with their family members and friends are super excited that now they can come back to their homes. 

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