Dubai, a place full of beauty and charm, has turned out to be a favorite place for travelers visiting from different parts of the world. In contrast with the lofty skyscrapers, the alluring scenic beauty does wonders on the minds of the visitors in an impeccable manner.

For Indian nationals, the UAE government has authorized different types of visa facilities that one can apply easily with us!

Having processed more than two lakhs UAE visa for Indians in the last nine months, we know how processing time for Dubai visas is essential for you and your plans.

Hence, we've all the visa-related information in store for you to get started instantly!

Processing Time for Dubai visa

We try to make your Dubai visa processing time as minimal as possible, which is usually 24-72 working hours. But the standard processing time for a Dubai visa can even go up to 3-4 business days.

Note:- The final entry approval into the emirate is subject to immigration discretion over which we have no control.

Requirements to Apply for a Dubai Visa

Indians who wish to apply for a Dubai visa can do so electronically or through an e-visa facility (valid for all seven emirates of the UAE) as mandated by the Dubai authorities through our website.

The pre-requisites are as follows:-

  • A copy of the first and the last pages of the passport, holding six months validity from the date of journey.
  • Clear front-facing passport-size photograph of the applicant against a white background.
  • Visitor's home address, contact information, and stay details in the UAE.
  • A bank statement exhibiting the required amount in USD or equivalent amount in any other currency.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • For children aged between 0-13years, a photocopy of the birth certificate is a must, along with other mentioned documents.

Note: It is mandatory to carry a negative Covid-19 RTPCR report linked to the original document for verification. The generated QR code needs to be presented to the Dubai Health Authority upon arrival and at the time of check-in.

(The SMS certificates are not accepted as valid Covid reports)

Process To Apply For a Dubai Visa

Follow these simple steps to apply for a Dubai visa through our portal:-

Step 1 Log onto our website, and from the above bar, click on the Dubai visa application form tab.

Step 2 Fill in the essential details and data as per your valid passport.

Step 3 You can add one more Applicant to your application list.

Step 4 Upload the documents (colored photograph and a passport copy)

Step 5 Make payments via visa card, credit, or debit card and obtain confirmation of submission of the application on the e-mail id mentioned in the form.

Note: You can apply for a Dubai visa a maximum of two months before your journey date.

Visa- On- Arrival

The Dubai authorities provide the visa-on-arrival facility to many countries. The processing time of a Dubai visa on arrival is much less than the Dubai visit visa, which needs to be applied beforehand.

Indians with a valid US, UK, and Schengen visa do not need a separate visit visa to Dubai to travel. Based on these countries' visas, they can enter the UAE by filling out a form upon arrival in the emirate.

The UAE visa on arrival facility is valid for 14 days, which can be extended just once for another two weeks. However, this provision is only applicable to Indian passport holders with a valid US visas.

Note: The US, UK, and Schengen visa holders do not require sponsorship for traveling to the UAE, while for others, it is mandatory.

Document Requirements For Dubai Visa On Arrival

The Indian passport holders need certain documents to get the visa on arrival, which are slightly different from the pre-requisites of a Dubai visit visa.

A visit visa or a green card issued by the USA government, a residence visa issued by the UK government or by the EU, a colored photograph, a valid copy of passport with a minimum of six months of validity, the original application form, a copy of return tickets, and financial proof are the documents one needs in order to avail of the mentioned facility in Dubai.

Note: - Electronic authorization for this visa can be obtained by submitting a copy of the passport online.

Extension or Renewal of Dubai Visa

The Dubai visa can be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. One can apply for the second renewal before the expiration of the first after submitting the required renewal fees.

Note: - You will be fined for overstaying in the emirate without the mandatory renewal as prescribed by the UAE authorities.

Causes of Dubai Visa Rejection

Although our specialists work towards providing you with a visa of your choice with minimal documentation and in the shortest Dubai visa processing time, it is up to the discretion of the authorities of the concerned country to grant you final approval.

Sometimes, the visit visa might get rejected on the following grounds:-

  1. Incomplete form submission by the applicant.
  2. Below 13 years applicants seeking a visa without an accompany such as parents or guardians.
  3. Above 75 years applicant seeking visa without an accompaniment.
  4. Providing false or incorrect information in the form.
  5. Applicants with a former criminal background get barred from getting a visa.
  6. Unable to clearly state the entire visit purpose.
  7. Inadequate funds.
  8. Applicants with an unskilled profession (cleaners, laborers, etc.)


Reach out to us to avoid an untoward visa rejection situation or any other eventualities.

Note: With the advent of the pandemic, we urge you to go through the Covid-19 protocol requirements as stated by the Dubai authorities.

Indian nationalities comprise the highest ratio in the ex-pat population of the United Arab Emirates. A Dubai Visa from India is one of the most sought-after travel permits to Dubai. Indian nationals are highly skilled in their jobs in both white and blue-collar profiles. The proximity of the country to Indian nationals makes Indians flock to the United Arab Emirates which is a lucrative destination for work, leisure, meetings, careers and retirement life.

Not just Dubai, Indians have also made their place in other emirates like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Fujairah. Coming from a multicultural background, Indians have blended well with the locals and other expatriates like Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Sri Lankans and other immigrants.

You will also find Indians in multinational companies and organisations living with their families and friends. Dubai has numerous options and lifestyles for families and your loved ones. If you want to apply for a Dubai visa from India with your family, it is a simple and quick process. Our chat support team and multiple communication channels are available for Dubai visa assistance.

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If you have any queries about the UAE visa or the processing time of the Dubai visa, kindly reach us through our 24X7 Chat Support team or WhatsApp.

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