From beautiful, serene beaches to quaint, picturesque nightlife, Dubai has everything for everyone. This glorious land has garnered immense tourism over the years, linking the bygone with the present. Keeping in view of the emirate's growing popularity as a favored tourist destination, the UAE authorities provide 90 days tourist visas for most nationalities.

Visitors who wish to have a long-term stay can go for the 90 days Dubai visa with a single-entry or multiple-entry visa options as per their needs. The GCC residents can also go for this visa to avoid spending extra to gain permits to Dubai. The stay validity for this visa is 90 days from the date of entry, with a visa validity of 90 days from issuing of the same.

Note: There is also a 90-day job-seeker visa, which is again a single-entry visa type. The document requirement of this visa is similar to the 90 days Dubai visa requirements.

Documents Required For a 90 Days Dubai Visa

The 90 days Dubai visa documents requirements are mentioned below:-

  1. Clear, scanned copy of the passport with a 6 months validity.
  2. A clear photograph.
  3. Compulsory Travel Insurance.
  4. A mandatory negative Covid-19 test report taken within the last 48 hours before the scheduled flight to Dubai.
  5. For the children aged between 0-13years, a photocopy of the birth certificate is a must, along with other mentioned documents.
  6. Confirmed return ticket.


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Process To Apply For a 90 Days Dubai Visa

The steps to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa are simple and hassle-free with us.

  1. Log onto our website, and from the above bar, click on the Visa application form tab.
  2. Fill in the essential details and data as per your valid passport.
  3. You can add one more applicant to your application list.
  4. Upload the documents ( colored photograph and a passport copy)
  5. Make payments via visa card, credit, or debit card and obtain confirmation of submission of the application on the e-mail id mentioned in the form.


Note:- Once you submit the documents required for 90 days Dubai visa, we will try our best to get you the approval within 24-72 working hours. Applicants of Express service will get the same in 10-12 business hours.

However, the visa approval is hugely dependent on the concerned authorities and the applicant's nationality. Please, visit our website to learn about yours.

If you do not find your country eligible for the online Dubai visa application, kindly reach out to us to get started with your Sticker visa formalities.

Sticker Visa Option

A sticker visa involves a physical process of visiting the embassy or the immigration department and submitting required documents. The processing time for this visa is entirely dependent on the authorities concerned.

The 90 days Dubai visa documents requirement for Sticker visa provisions are as follows:-

  1. Passport with a six months validity.
  2. Two recent passport-size photographs.
  3. A residential proof.
  4. Mandatory travel insurance.
  5. Occupation proof.
  6. Certificate of complete vaccination.

Note: To know more about Sticker visas, kindly reach out to our visa specialists.

Benefits of 90 days Dubai Visa

Applying for 90 days Dubai visa can land the traveler in a win-win situation as it involves a one-time visa application process. It renders easy and cost-effective holidays to nearby countries and helps save money on flight tickets and repeated hotel bookings in the final destination. It is also applicable to all traveling modes- air, land, and sea.

Note: GCC residents are exempted from buying Dubai visas for frequent visits with this visa type. They are also allowed to visit any UAE Emirates without sponsorships, whereas others require a guarantor or a sponsored visa to travel to these places.

You can easily go for our sponsored visa options to avail the 90 days Dubai visa at your convenience. Please go through our website and ping us, if needed, to know more about it.

Extension or Renewal of Visa

The 90 days Dubai visa can be extended for 30 days twice without leaving the country. One can also apply for the second renewal of the visa before the expiration of the first after submitting the required renewal fees.

The concerned authorities fine those who overstay the stay validity without applying for the mandatory renewal for each day of their extra stay in the emirate.

However, unlike others, certain nationals, GCC residents, and holders of special entry permits are exempted from visa extension.

Causes of 90 Days Dubai Visa Rejections:-

Sometimes, even after fulfilling the 90 days Dubai visa documents requirement and other essentials, the authorities reject the visas.

This happens for the following reasons:-

  • Incomplete form submission by the applicant.
  • Below 13 years applicant seeking visa without an accompanied- parents or guardians.
  • Above 75 years applicant seeking visa without an accompaniment.
  • Providing false information in the form.
  • Uploading unclear scanned copies of passport or photograph.
  • Applicants with a former criminal background get barred from getting a visa.
  • Unable to clearly state the purpose of the entire visit.
  • Inadequate funds
  • Applicants with an unskilled profession (cleaners, laborers, etc.)
  • Presenting a long and unclear travel itinerary.

Note: You can avoid the chances of 90 days Dubai visa rejection by reaching out to our Visa specialists, who are available 24x7 to cater to your needs.

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General Guidelines To Follow in Dubai

There are certain general points to remember after landing in Dubai:-

  • Produce the travel document at the Immigration Desk for verification.
  • Make sure not to carry any unforbidden items as prescribed by the Dubai authorities.
  • Keep your passport and printout of the visa handy while traveling.
  • Ensure to remember and note down the required emergency numbers.

Note: With the ongoing pandemic, we urge you to constantly check the document requirements prescribed by the emirate. We work relentlessly to give you a seamless visa processing experience of a kind!

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