The enthralling Dubai - A Factfile of Dubai  

Global destinations around the world give unique and interesting reasons to travellers to visit them. One such place in Dubai. Who could have imagined that a fishing village thrived here in earlier times? Bedouins used to live here like nomads and survived on cattle, trade and oil.

When Dubai learnt that It could not pull long depending only on oil, it redirected its economy towards tourism and trade & commerce. It was then Dubai bounced high on creating structures that attracted visitors which brought a boom for Dubai tourism. Dubai has a broad podium for career and work opportunities along with education, medical and professional setups on its land. The region has spiked its development graph to a level where today citizens of developed countries are looking forward to investment & retirement plans in the city. World-class facilities integrated with ultra-modern technology are available here in abundance. Mixed communities stay in harmony and peace. Thanks to the liberal stature of the emirate.

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The Emirate of Dubai has given a never-ending list of facts to the world for being the topmost tourist destination. You will surely plan your Dubai trip after knowing the captivating facts of Dubai. You can thank us later.


Geographical Location

The city of Dubai has a prime location. Millions of passengers transit through the Dubai International Airport for their ongoing journey. It is the second-largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi. Dubai can be described as the neck of the woods. Its location makes it a hub for travellers across the world.


Experts say that originally Dubai was ‘Daba’. According to a poet, Daba means a large group of locusts that used to rule this place before settlements took place.

Tax-free earnings

One of the prominent reasons to settle in Dubai is that earnings on this land are free from tax. This is why professionals, skilled and unskilled human resources across the world get attracted.

An ancient pearl industry

Once a fishing village, the emirate of Dubai was known for harvesting pearls in the 19th and 20th Dubai was a huge pearl market and traders on the Sik Route hovered here for days to trade in the pearl market.

Records are made here

Dubai has many world record titles to its name. The concept of mind-bending architecture that challenges engineering norms has made this city an architectural destination.

A shopper’s paradise

Malls and shopping centres take the centre stage in Dubai. Conceptual shopping paired with amazing entertainment makes this place a shopper’s haven. Dubai Shopping Festival is the most awaited event around the world that happens here at the end of the year. World-class brands roll out huge offers and discounts that are hard to resist.

A foodie destination

Many events are centred around food only. Since people from different cultures and backgrounds thrive in harmony, the food of different countries is celebrated in Dubai. Chefs prepare dishes for fine dining, fairs, events, restaurants, cafes and mobile trucks to mark this event.

Unique concepts

Attractions in Dubai are curated to one-of its kind. Coffee Museum, Indoor huge aquariums, character-oriented entertainment parks, Dolphin shows, dancing fountains, miracle gardens, endless activities of land, air and water, walk-through frames, UNESCO heritage site, traditional souks- the list is not ending soon.

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Home to man-made islands

Not just this. These islands have cities developed on them. These cities have changed lives forever.

The fleet of Dubai Police

The officers have the world’s fastest and the most expensive police cars to curb crime ensuring the safey of Dubai locals.

Lose weight, Gain money

I know your eyebrows are raised. But it's true. You can get paid in Dubai if you lose weight. This is an initiative towards a healthy lifestyle. Dubai government pays 2 grams of gold on losing 2 kgs of body weight.

Exotic pets is a lifestyle here

Commonly cats, dogs, rabbits are preferred as pets. But here pets are a status symbol. Lions, cheetahs, panthers are some of the exotic pets that high-end locals own here.

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The above facts will keep evolving for a global destination like Dubai. So grab your backpack and head to the most loved destination.


Travel Safe!