Travel in 2021 is not the same anymore. Travel policies and restrictions have been laid down by many countries around the world to curb the pandemic. Many borders are slowly lifting their restrictions to welcome visitors to their countries. Nations around the world have strongly advocated the use of vaccinations to promote safe travelling. With this, visiting other nations will see some momentum by the mid of 2021. It is advised that all travellers must look out for travel updates of various nations before booking tickets and hotels.

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While many nations, strategically, are lifting restrictions. But the new strain of the virus is raising its head leaving many countries to allow travel with strict regulations. A surge in the COVID-19 cases will make tourists follow strict protocols, curfews and quarantine regulations. Travel bloggers who have visited nations after the re-opening also inform through various medium about the travel policies of the countries they have been to.

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The following countries are ready to welcome visitors :

Austria: Borders of this country had opened on the 16th of June 2020 but now restrictions are imposed after a surge in the cases. The last partial lockdown in Austria was on December 6.

Bali (Indonesia): Travel bloggers who have visited Bali have shared that only those who have business visa are permitted to enter this region. For tourism purpose, Bali is still closed. Gates are likely to open for tourism after May 2021.

Brazil: This country has permitted tourism with travel restrictions. To travel to Brazil, it is a requirement to have a negative PCR test report which should stand valid for 72 hours on arrival. Access to borders was permitted on 30th July 2020.

Egypt: Visitors travelling to Egypt have to carry a negative PCR test that stands valid for 72 hours. Egypt was opened for tourism on July 1, 2020.

France: Visitors wh plan their France travel have to carry a negative PCR report with them which should be valid for 72 hours upon arrival. From 15th June 2020, France opened its borders.

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Germany: Tourism is not permitted in this country currently. Germany has reopened its borders in a phased manner post lockdown on June 15, 2020. Restrictions regarding tourism may be lifted after May 2021.

Greece: Access to Greece was permitted from June 1. Tourists are allowed with restrictions. It is mandatory to carry a negative PCR test which stands valid for 72 hours on arrival and a week of quarantine on arrival is also necessary.

Italy: Visitors were permitted travel without restrictions from June 3rd 2020. Third-party nations were allowed to travel. But currently, any visitor who carries an antigen or a negative PCR test valid for 48 hours can visit Italy.

Malaysia: Green lane passengers, ex-pats who own property and some selective categories of visitors were permitted to Malaysia from July 2020.

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Maldives: This place is a top tourist destination. The Maldives is all set for a post-vaccine tourism boom. Visitors planning to travel to this place are required to carry a negative PCR report which should be valid for 96 hours on arrival. The Maldives is set to welcome visitors from all nations.

Nepal: The country opened its borders in December 2020. Visitors are required to carry a negative PCR test which should be valid for 72 hours on arrival.  A bite from Kathmandu Post has confirmed that tourists from all the nations are welcome and visas have now been restored.

Russia: Russia is open to a selective set of visitors. A visitor must have a negative PCR test while travelling to Russia. The report should stand valid for 72 hours.

South Africa: Safari lovers can visit this country as it opened for tourism on the 1st of October 2020. South Africa had rolled out free visa for 11 countries. Make sure you carry a negative PCR test report that is valid for 72 hours on arrival.

Spain: Within European Union, Spain permitted to travel on 21st, of June 2020. It is mandatory to carry a negative PCR test report.

Sri Lanka: This Indian Ocean gem opened its doors for tourism on 21st January. 2021. The rules are a bit relaxed for the first 2 weeks. The Sri Lanka tourism department advises maintaining social distancing and frequent handwash while visitors enjoy their stay at resorts or hotels. Travellers are encouraged to take PCR test on arrival and limit any mingling with the community. Sri Lanka is in talks with the Government of India fr a travel bubble agreement to host destination weddings in the country.

Switzerland: Around 30 countries were permitted to this dream destination on June 15th, 2020. Visitors are required to show a negative PCR report of COVID-19 to enter the country.

Thailand: Specific set of travellers are permitted to travel. Under stringent travel protocols, like 14-day quarantine, travel is permitted. Vaccinated visitors are required to take a 7-day quarantine.

UAE (Dubai): Dubai travel can be planned with a relaxed mind as not many restrictions are in place. A negative PCR report which is valid for 96 hours is mandatory.

UK: As the new strain raised its head first here, travel is still not permitted. There are possibilities of resuming travel from May 2021.

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USA: Passengers from Europe, UK, Brazil, China and Iran are barred from entering the USA. All the travellers must carry their negative COVID-19 PCR report, even for residents who are returning home.

Zimbabwe: Travel opened on October 1st, 2020. Tourists must carry their negative PCR report taken within 48 hours.


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Please note the dates for countries planning to reopen tourism.

Albania – July 1

Andorra – July 1

Anguilla – August 21

Antigua and Barbuda – June 4

Armenia – August 12

Aruba – July 1

Austria – June 16

Bahamas – July 1

Bali (Indonesia) – September 1

Barbados – July 12

Belarus – July 15

Belize – August 15

Belgium – June 15

Bermuda – July 1

Bosnia and Herzegovina – July 16

Brazil – July 30

Bulgaria – June 1

Cayman Islands – October 1

Colombia – Sept 21

Costa Rica – August 1

Croatia – June 1

Cuba – July 1

Curaçao – July 1

Cyprus – June 1

Czech Republic – June 15

Dominica – August 7

Dominican Republic – July 1

Egypt – July 1

Estonia – June 1

Finland – July 15

France – June 15

French Polynesia – July 15

Georgia – July 31

Germany – June 15

Ghana – September 1

Greece – June 15

Grenada – July 15

Guadeloupe – July 1

Guatemala – Sept 18

Haiti – July 1

Honduras – August 16

Iceland – June 15

Ireland – July 21

Italy – June 3

Jamaica – June 15

Jordan – September 8

Kenya – August 1

Kosovo – June 28

Latvia – July 1

Lebanon – July 1

Luxembourg – July 1

Maldives – July 15

Malta – July 1

Mexico – June 8

Montenegro – June 1

Netherlands – June 15

Nepal – September 1

Nicaragua – October 1

Nigeria – September 5

North Macedonia – July 1

Panama – Oct 12

Pakistan – Oct 5

Poland – June 13

Portugal – June 15

Romania – July 7

Russia – July 15

Rwanda – June 17

Serbia – May 22

Seychelles – June 1

Slovenia – July 17

Spain – June 21

Sri Lanka- postponed

St. Barths – June 22

St. Kitts and Nevis – October

St. Lucia – June 4

St. Maarten – July 1

St. Vincent and The Grenadines – July 1

Sweden – June 1

Switzerland – June 15

Tanzania – June 1

Thailand – August 1

Tunisia – June 27

Turkey – June 10

Turks and Caicos – July 22

UAE (Dubai) – July 7

Uganda – October 1

Ukraine – June 15

U.S. Virgin Islands – June 1

Zambia – July

Zimbabwe – October 1

If you want to enjoy your travel, then it is advised to follow travel norms set by different countries. This way you can enjoy a safe vacation.

Travel Safe!