Planning for a visa can be quite tedious if you do not have a clear understanding of the types of visas the country offers. The United Arab Emirates offers various types of visas depending on your duration of stay, the purpose of visit, group or solo travelling and budget. UAE provide Short term visas and Long term Visas to suit all needs and requirements of visitors.

Insta Dubai Visa offers Short term Dubai visa, Short term tourist visa and Long term Dubai visa. If you are looking for complete guidance on the same, this blog will assist to your questions. For further queries, log on to

The following classification will help you understand better what type of visa you should opt for your upcoming travel. Let’s take a look:


Insta Dubai visa provides visas for short trips for individual and group travellers. The following visas can be availed:

1. 30 days Single-entry Dubai visa

This visa often serves its purpose when you are visiting UAE to visit your family and friends. You can also opt for this visa while you are on a Dubai vacation or love to explore the UAE. This visa facilitates your entry to all the 7 emirates of the UAE. This visa has a single entry feature. Which means that you are permitted to enter and exit once only. If your visit is scheduled for 30 days or less and you require to travel once within the validity period of the stay, 30 days Dubai visa suits you the best. This visa is usually picked by those looking for short term tourist visa to Dubai.

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2. 30 Days Multiple-entry Dubai visa

This visa serves its purpose best when you are required to make frequent or multiple trips within 30 days. This can often happen when your meetings are scheduled within a short span of 30 days or you have business presentations to deliver. Even if you require to leave on an urgent basis and later can manage to visit Dubai or UAE, this visa suits you best.


Insta Dubai Visa offers visas for longer periods as well. The following visas are provided for long stays:

1. 60 Days single-entry Dubai visa

This visa serves the purpose when your stay is long. If you are looking to moving to Dubai and want to see choices of residence, explore education options or if you wish to select an office space, you may want to see the possible wedding venues for your upcoming special day or may be you just want to spend some time with your loved ones - this visa suits you perfectly. This visa comes with a single entry feature. You will be allowed to exit Dubai once only within 60 days.

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2. 90 Days single-entry Dubai visa

Dubai has opened exhaustive options for education, jobs, internships and other career-oriented segments. These tasks require time while you explore not only Dubai but other emirates too. Counselling sessions, interviews, a presentation which require preps while you stay in Dubai, etc. - all of this goes smooth enough with a 90 days single entry visa. It comes with a single entry feature which is justified while you explore and learn such options for yourself.

3. 90 Days Multiple entry Dubai visa

This visa facilitates multiple entry and exits for a period of 90 days. You can plan easily your trips as you get more time for a relaxed schedule ahead.


Insta Dubai Visa values the time & money of its customers. We hope the above helps you for better planning while you make your visit to Dubai.

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