Dubai has a nature of surprising its visitors with mind-blowing marvels. And one such surprise which the city is giving is the Dubai Frame. You will be in awe when you think about this concept's idea and then bring it to life. It is breathtaking to view the fantastic Dubai skyline through this huge frame. Dubai Frame is one of the unique additions to the list of Dubai attractions. Your Dubai trip is incomplete if you do not have this attraction on your itinerary.

Dubai Frame is going to be a great experience among the other tourist places in the city. The best part is you can enter the frame and see yourself on the top floor inside the frame. From one end, you can see the old Dubai, and from the other end, you can witness the new Dubai.

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The Dubai frame stands at the height of 10 m and 93 metres wide. Raising its head high on two towers, a bridge of 100 m connect both the towers. This bridge is accessible by visitors. Towards the north of Dubai, you will see Dubai creek, Bur Dubai, Deira, and Karama. Towards the south is the new Dubai with incredible landmarks.



The inside journey of the frame is divided into four levels. And it gets exciting as you go up.

Level 1

Level 1 is an intermedieate level where you can visit museums and galleries. Dubai Frame is not a standard museum visit. It is quite an immersive one. You will experience the transformation of Dubai from a fishing village to a cosmopolitan city. Visitors mood is set by sounds and effects of mist, fragrances. The exhibits here are visually appealing and emotionally investing.

Level 2

Then you will slide to the next level, called the Sky Deck level. Visitors experience uninterrupted views of the city with the assistance of Augmented reality screens. Learn interesting facts about the city.

Level 3

After Level 2, you will enter a lift that is decorated with light and sound effects. It appears that you are time travelling from how Dubai was 50 years ago and how it has transformed today.  Level 3 is titled Future of Dubai level.  You will have an incredible experience of how Dubai envisions itself in future.

Level 4

Level 4 is the top-most floor giving you ecstatic views of the city. You will walk on a glass floor while you enjoy wow moments at this level. Do not forget to sip a coffee and take a bit of Dubai cake at a café on the top-most floor. Shop for souvenirs at a shop at this level.

The best time to visit Dubai Frame is either mornings or evenings. Mornings will give you spectacular views while the city is just awake. And in the evenings, you will see how the city transforms into an illuminated buffet.

Visitor timings are from 9 in the morning to 9 in the night. You may have to check the timings in the month of Ramadan and public holidays.

You can board a metro if you wish to visit Dubai Frame. You can get down from the Red line at Al  Jafiliya Metro station. After a few minutes walk, you will reach the Dubai Frame.

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Important guidelines while you visit Dubai Frame

  • Dress modestly.
  • No smoking or drinking.
  • You cannot carry pets.
  • Visitors should not lean on railings and should not sit, keeping safety in mind.
  • No toys, outside food & beverages, allowed.
  • Adults accompany children under 12.
  • Do not try to remove or replace exhibits inside the frame.
  • Only purses and small handbags are allowed. Large shopping bags and sports bags must be deposited at Gate 4.
  • Please books your entry tickets online to avoid queues.
  • If you happen to purchase a ticket on the spot, you should reach an hour before the tickets are sold.
  • Reach 15 min before the scheduled time of visit. 

Dubai Frame is constructed at Zabeel Park, which is one of the most famous in Dubai. The park is built with sophisticated technologies and is a tough competitor to other parks in Dubai.

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Travel Safe!