Travellers around the world are quite conscience when it comes to travel insurance. This type of mandate even if initiated by one’s self provides a lot of substantial support and safety while travelling. Tourists visiting countries are always advised to add travel insurance to their tourist visa or travel visa.

We will understand the significance of Travel Insurance In this blog.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance or Travelers insurance is a plan that you purchase while travelling. It is added along with either visa or flight booking process.

Why should travel be insured?

While you are away from your native country, you might encounter some issues like loss of baggage, hospitalisation due to a clinical emergency, accidental death or flight accidents. Such issues arising in your destination country can be secured with Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance is your friend in need in unknown territory.

Why is Travel Insurance important while visiting UAE?

According to the Immigration Department, Govt. of UAE, Travel Insurance is mandatory in the wake of the pandemic, COVID-19. Apart from this, Travel Insurance has always made travel safe and secure.

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What types of Travel Insurance is available with Insta Dubai Visa?

Insta Dubai Visa and Orient Insurance PFSC have come together to cover your travel and make your visit to UAE most secure. You will be covered for COVID-19 completely under the Travel Insurance purchased from IDV. Two types of TA is offered:

  1. Travel Outbound - Travel Outbound is for UAE residents travelling overseas.
  2. Travel Inbound - Travel Inbound is for travellers visiting UAE. 

Which is the best time to buy Travel Insurance?

The Travel Insurance Policy needs to be purchased before the commencement of the travel. It cannot be purchased after the onset of the travel.

Is Travel Insurance compulsory for Indian nationals travelling to the UAE?

Yes, it is mandatory to have Travel Insurance for Indians while travelling to the UAE.

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Where can I get the most secured Travel Insurance in minimum time?

Reach or drop an email at You can also drop your query with 24x7 chat support team.