Most of us wish that how can we make our trips easy. If just someone could take care of the visa hassle while you are on a shopping spree. How would you communicate in your destination city? Will the weather be great to explore the place? Many visitors cling on to these and more questions while planning a trip.

And if your dream destination is Dubai, then you deserve to know ways that would enhance your experience to visit this iconic Middle-East city.

Allow us to share with you how can you make your travelling easier in Dubai. You can thank us later.

1. Codes and Customs

Codes and Customs

Dubai is a host to a multicultural community that thrives in from various segments of different countries. If you are visiting malls or attractions decent casuals are a good option. While swimwear is only permissible on beaches. If you wish to visit a mosque, make sure you cover your arms and legs and drape a decent scarf. Handshakes initiated by women are preferred. But refrain from kissing or holding hands in public. Alcohol is served in licensed establishments like hotels and bars. But misbehaviour has zero-tolerance in Dubai.

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2. Commuting the Metropolitan

Commuting the metropolitan

Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to travelling within the city. Speed, luxury, advanced technology has made commuting in Dubai available for people from different segments. You can hire a taxi for a city ride while you can also hire a helicopter for a bird’s eye view. Driverless metro offers scenic tours while you travel above ground. Buses cover major routes of the city and are extremely convenient for daily passengers. Water taxis and ferries give you an experience of how the ancient people use to use waterways for trade purposes. To experience royal luxury, you can rent the flamboyant yachts. Cycle your way on cycling tracks that snake their route amidst deserts of Dubai. Bicycles are available on rent and you can park them at BYKY station and enjoy your route on Al Quadra cycling track.  

3. Map the Map

Map to Map

A handy Dubai map will help you to plan your routes for a Dubai vacation. Your location of stay will decide how and when your other holidays are going to be. Major attractions and landmarks are marked in a map. This will also help you to decide what kind of public transport you can use to commute effectively. Major events live shows and other happenings are always updated on digital maps. Make sure you have one on your device. You will notice it to be very helpful as it will save you both time and money. Take full advantage of Dubai guide. Deals, offers and promotions that are ongoing in the city are also notified in digital maps.

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4. Weather & Currency

Dubai Currency

Dubai usually experiences high temperatures in summers. You will notice less activity and bustles in the city during day time. Visitors love indoor activities or love going to water parks. But as the sun takes the dip, the city comes out alive- on beaches, in hotels, venues that host open-air events, clubs and bars. While temperatures are low at the end of the year, maximum festivals are also scheduled during these months to promote tourism and business. Sand storms can spoil ecstatic views of the Arabian Sea. Do download the weather app on your device to keep check on the weather. Make sure you monitor it so that your travel plans are not spoilt. 

5. Bookings


We recommend you to make bookings in advance or purchase tickets in advance for shows or events that you wish to visit in Dubai. You will save time and money while doing so. Standing in long queues can spoil the excitement of the show. Even if you have to visit attractions, keep looking for offers and deals and book the best. You will not only save money and time but you will have a stress-free approach towards your holiday.

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Dubai is vast and expanding. Keeping in mind the above can shape your holiday into a memorable one.

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 Travel safe!!!