"Elevating the skyline with a touch of Arabian Opulence."

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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, visit Abu Dhabi, as it is a well-organised, dynamic, and lively city known for its impressive infrastructure, adventure activities, luxurious hotels, vast desert, rich heritage, and stunning beaches with a picturesque waterside setting. Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city with something for everyone regardless of age or interest, from the hot desert and beautiful nature to exquisite architecture and Islamic magnificence.

Abu Dhabi is one of the UAE's most popular emirates. It is home to skyscrapers, razzle-dazzle hotels, and a stunning traditional centre that occupies most of a small triangular island of the same name. It was once a laid-back fishing village that converted into a sophisticated, modern city-state in just four decades. Want to know more about it? Book your Abu Dhabi visa today!

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Abu Dhabi has iconic architecture, sprawling mega malls, sandy beaches, 5-star international hotels, and various nationalities and cultures. Archaeological finds tell a long history of human settlements in the region.

There is proof that people have lived in Abu Dhabi for over 100,000 years. In 1761, the Bnai Yas tribe discovered drinking water on a remote island known as Abu Dhabi-fished and dived for pearls. The ruling Al Nahyan family are the descendants of the Bani Yas tribe.

The region has undergone centuries of industrial revolutions, and oil and gas have brought prosperity in recent years. Get to know Abu Dhabi more closely with your Abu Dhabi tourist visa today! In 1958, the first oil find was discovered under an old pearling bed in the Gulf, and the first crude oil cargo was exported from Abu Dhabi in 1962. After four years, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was appointed as the Abu Dhabi ruler and became the force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

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Some interesting facts: Abu Dhabi Tourist Visa

  • Abu Dhabi was famous for its Pearls

abu dhabi was famous for its pearls from instadubaivisa

For centuries, pearl trading accounted for most of Abu Dhabi's GDP in the UAE. You can learn about the pearl industry through Abu Dhabi Tourism. Divers go to the bottom of the ocean, often without any breathing equipment, to scour the surface for precious gems. However, with the rise of synthesised pearls, the industry declined in the mid-1930s.

  • Abu Dhabi flaunts a building leaner than Italy's Tower.

abu dhabi flaunts a building leaner than italy tower from instadubaivisa

The Capital Gate Building, also known as the "Learning Tower of Abu Dhabi", is a 35-storey skyscraper that reaches over 160 metres. It bends at an angle of 18 westward, which is 14 times more than the Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa. The building boasts 30 meeting rooms, a helipad, a food court, and conference facilities for 1200 people. Experience the majestic infrastructure of Abu Dhabi with an Abu Dhabi Tourist visa.

  • A Japanese architect curated the Abu Dhabi.

a japanese architect curated the abu dhabi from instadubaivisa

Surprisingly, Japanese architect Dr Takahashi, under the guidance of Sheikh Zayed, curated the city in 1967. Initially built for 40,000 people, it can accommodate over 600,000. Encourages in the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 tall skyscrapers symbolise its iconic architecture and new developments of Al Maryah Island and the Sheikh Zayed mosque.

  • It is the home to zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city.

it is the home to zero carbon zero waste car free city from instadubaivisa

Abu Dhabi's Masdar city is said to be one of the world's most ambitious urban planning experiments. The UAE first declared its plans for an innovative city in 2008, becoming the first human settlement with no harmful environmental impact and no carbon. Abu Dhabi tourism offers an unforgettable experience for tourists worldwide.

  • Abu Dhabi is one of the most protected cities.

abu dhabi is one of the most protected cities from instadubaivisa

Abu Dhabi is one of the world's most protected cities. The Numbeo Safety Index has been voted the safest city in the world for six years, and it has retained its position in terms of safety since 2017. The list ranks 459 cities worldwide based on user feedback on the cost of living, safety, pollution, and crime.

  • The bus stops in Abu Dhabi are air-conditioned.

the bus stops in abu dhabi are air conditioned from instadubaivisa

If you ever plan to take public transport in Abu Dhabi, you will be pleased and surprised to learn that even the bus stops are air-conditioned. Explore the thrilling roadways with your Abu Dhabi visa. Most bus stops have air conditioners, seats, and floor-to-ceiling glass panes. Over 100 new air-conditioned bus shelters are currently being built for Dh35 million.

Five reasons why Visit Abu Dhabi

  • Amazing Desert

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The desert is a prominent feature of Abu Dhabi. Although many people who have yet to experience it think it is dull and monotonous, you will be satisfied once you experience the adventure in the desert. Desert safaris are one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi. With an Abu Dhabi tourist visa, you can experience dune bashing, sandboarding, quad bike rides, camel riding, and more and view the sunset over the golden sand landscapes.

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  • City Attractions

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One of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi is to see the city's attractions. The architecture, design, and general appearance will captivate you, whether it is a historical or modern site. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the city's most magnificent and largest mosque in the UAE, showcasing the city's rich Islamic culture.

  • Beautiful culture

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Abu Dhabi, the contemporary oasis, retains a rich and charismatic culture that has been preserved. Another incentive to visit Abu Dhabi is its cosmopolitan character and mixed nationalities, which provide visitors worldwide with a unique opportunity to have distinctive experiences.

  • Appetising food

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Food is an integral part of the experience. Abu Dhabi should be your next vacation destination because of its vast range of gourmet items and varied food options with a string of Islamic and Middle Eastern heritage. From stuffed camels to smoky rice and exquisite hummus, food in Abu Dhabi will leave your taste buds tingling long after you've finished it.

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  • Shoppers paradise

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The city of Abu Dhabi is a shopping lover's dream coming true. With Abu Dhabi tourism, you can get to know Abu Dhabi's high-tech, ultra-luxurious malls and shop for everything and anything you want, from cosmetics and electric appliances to clothing and everything you desire, all under one roof.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second most heavily populated city after Dubai. Dubai attracts tourists because of the wide variety of luxurious services it provides. Abu Dhabi has emerged as a business hub centred around oil and infrastructure. Almost two-thirds of the UAE's 400 billion dollar economy is run by Abu Dhabi. Visit Abu Dhabi on your Abu Dhabi visa and experience this majestic country with your family and friends.

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Traditions and Culture of Abu Dhabi

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  • Islamic impact— Abu Dhabi continues to attract many tourists from all over the world. The government has invested heavily in this sector by providing tourists with many parks and facilities. However, all of this is embedded deep within the Islamic culture that prevails in Abu Dhabi. People of varied nationalities and backgrounds come to Abu Dhabi to work and on vacation and are always welcome if they do not jeopardise the harmony.
  • Arabic Pride— The Arabs have been known to be fierce since historic times. Visit Abu Dhabi and experience Arabic pride closely. Wars were glorified in the pre-Islamic period, and the wars became extinct as time passed. The Arabs still consider themselves the pioneers of swordsmanship and bravery. The sight of Arab YouTubers drifting around in their expensive cars is ubiquitous in Abu Dhabi, but it is never at the cost of anyone else's safety.
  • Cultural heart— Abu Dhabi has been termed the cultural heart of the UAE. Desert safaris, belly dancing, and Arabic poetry are some of the main points of Abu Dhabi tourism. The Arabs have prided themselves on being the best poets of the world in historic times, and rightfully so. Arabic calligraphy is also extensively taught to anyone willing to learn it.
  • The Dress- Many local dress traditionally men in their full-length shirt dress with a white or red checkered headdress Gutra. The women wear a black abaya, a black robe, and a headscarf. Both men and women dress modestly in an Islamic country. The tourists are also expected to dress appropriately without much skin shows.
  • Folk Dances and Music- The UAE's music and dance traditions are based on the Khaliji style and music, which you can also explore with your Abu Dhabi visa, which is native and famous in that region. To sum it up loosely, the Kahliji style involves using drums, flutes, and violins. A type of lute is also used in this style of music. Bedouin Folk Music, courtesy of the Bedouins of the area, involves the usage of drums and tambourines. The music in the UAE usually tells a story that might be about the rise of the UAE or about the valiant Arab warriors who fought in wars.
  • Genders and Dance— To uphold religious modesty, males and females dance separately. The dancers are a formation rather than people dancing alone or in an unorganised group. Visit Abu Dhabi and experience the culture and traditions of the emirate. Again, the dancers tell the story of warriors or celebrate a happy occasion occurring at hand or something that happened in the past.
  • The Ayyalah- The Ayyalah is the most famous war dance in the UAE, where men holding swords clash their weapons to the rhythm of the tune while standing in the formation of two lines and facing each other. Sometimes, women dance in colourful clothes at a distance in Ayyalah. The tune is that of poetry recited over the scene. Become part of the Arab pride with an Abu Dhabi tourist visa as the natives praise themselves on poetic finesse, and Abu Dhabi misses no chance to flaunt it in any way.
  • Harbiya— Harbiya is the same kind of dance as Ayyalah. The only difference between them is that instead of poetry, phrases are received repeatedly in the case of Harbiya.
  • Work Music is an attempt to raise workers' and labourers' morale. A singing leader may start singing a song as other labourers join him. This music was prevalent among labourers who dived or worked around wells.
  • Belly Dancing- It started as a fertility ritual as it is a way to strengthen your abilities of abdominal muscles used for childbirth. Experience the dance form with your Abu Dhabi visa as it has become the dance form many associate with the Arab world. Belly dancing has been around in the Arab world for a long time and has attracted people worldwide. There are classes run by professionals around the UAE that teach Belly Dancing.

Festivals of Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi's festivals are an amalgamation of classic and traditional Islamic festivals, and they are not bound to any religion, such as music and film festivals. The famous festivals are Eid, the Abu Dhabi Festival, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and the National Day celebrations. Visit Abu Dhabi on your Abu Dhabi visa and celebrate the festivals with great enthusiasm.

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Travelling tips for Abu Dhabi

  • Smoking is prohibited in public places. Many establishments have designated smoking areas.
  • Tipping is not customary in Arab nations; a service fee is applied to restaurant and hotel bills. However, if you receive excellent service, staff members anticipate a small tip as a gesture of appreciation.
  • Lightweight clothes are preferable in the summer. Although the city is famous for summer resorts, appropriate clothing is recommended in winter because nighttime temperatures are relatively low.
  • Before you travel, double-check the calendar of religious holidays. Many restaurants and cafes may halt the sale of alcoholic drinks on these days.
  • If you visit Abu Dhabi, you should purchase jewellery at the major shopping malls due to its authenticity.
  • In markets, you must always negotiate. This can sometimes assist in cutting the price multiple times.
  • The usage of alcoholic beverages on municipal streets is severely prohibited; otherwise, you can face a hefty fine.
  • You must accept a shopkeeper or a local offering to have a cup of coffee. It will be intercepted as a gesture of disrespect.

Now it is the time to visit Abu Dhabi.

Due to Abu Dhabi's varied culture, the city is a playground for those who want to seize the opportunity. If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, book your Abu Dhabi visa today! The market is willing to realise the victory if one is good enough to have a victory regardless of all the labels the person prefers.