Dubai, the city of dreams, is not only famous for its architectural marvels, breathtaking skylines, and luxurious lifestyle but also for its vibrant, mouthwatering street food. If you're a culinary adventurer, exploring the street food in Dubai is an experience you mustn't miss. Dubai boasts a diverse mix of cultures, resulting in a rich culinary heritage evident in its street food's taste, variety, and quality.

One One of the most iconic street food destinations in Dubai is Deira. Located in the heart of Old Dubai, Deira is a bustling neighbourhood known for its vibrant markets and authentic culinary offerings. You can apply for a Dubai visa online via Insta Dubai Visa. The streets of Deira are lined with food stalls and small eateries serving up a variety of Middle Eastern delicacies. Discovering the authentic taste of the region through the street food of Deira is a delightful experience. This bustling old town part of the city is a food haven that serves an array of traditional Emirati dishes. As you venture further into Deira, you will come across stalls selling.

Here is a list of 20 street food in Dubai that you must not miss out on. Go ahead and savour these Emirati dishes for a wholesome experience.

20 Best Street Food in Dubai

shawarma street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

01. Shawarma

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern culinary emblem. A mouthwatering combination of succulent grilled meat, crunchy vegetables, and flavorful sauces wrapped in warm pita bread. This delicious wrap of thinly sliced meat, vegetables, and delightful spices is an experience for your taste buds. The shawarmas in Deira are known for their generous portions and incredible flavour, making them a must-try famous street food in Dubai.

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al harees street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

02. Al Harees

Al Harees is a famous street food delicacy in Dubai made with wheat and meat and traditionally served during Ramadan and weddings. The dish is known for its hearty flavour and nourishing qualities and is often enjoyed with family and friends. Whether you are a local or a visitor to Dubai, trying Al Harees is a must if you want to experience the authentic flavours of the city.

luqaimat street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

03. Luqaimat

Luqaimat is a deep-fried dough ball which is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, usually drizzled with date syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Apply for 14 days Dubai visa and treat yourself. Serving Luqaimat symbolizes warm hospitality and is traditionally offered to guests during special occasions and festivals. Locals and tourists flock to the Deira district's bustling lanes to taste these sweet morsels. Luqaimat embodies the UAE's spirit of welcoming guests with open arms and satisfies the sweet cravings of those exploring Dubai's street food treasures.

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stuffed camel street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

04. Stuffed Camel

When applying for a Dubai visa online, it's essential to plan your trip, including the culinary delights you want to savour.

Stuffed camel is a traditional Bedouin dish and one of Dubai's most luxurious and celebratory dishes. It involves stuffing a camel with chicken, fish, eggs, and rice. This dish, a culinary marvel, speaks volumes about the region's rich heritage. It's a camel marinated in Arabian spices and stuffed with fragrant rice, herbs, and various meats. Stuffed Camel is usually prepared during special occasions, weddings, and grand celebrations, symbolizing togetherness and opulence in Emirati culture. To savour this street food in Dubai, head to Al Khawaneej, where some local restaurants offer this unique delicacy to give you an authentic taste of Dubai's vibrant culinary culture.

fan of seafood street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

05. Fan of seafood?

Deira Fish Market offers fresh catches of the day, prepared right before your eyes in countless ways. From charcoal-grilled fish to deep-fried calamari, the aromatic smell and delicious taste will leave you wanting more. When you hold a Dubai transit visa, you'll have the opportunity to explore the city's culinary delights during your stopover.

machboos street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

06. Machboos

Machboos is a fragrant rice dish made with a blend of spices, slow-cooked meat, and vegetables, resulting in a flavoursome and hearty meal. Many street vendors in Bur Dubai offer Machboos, allowing you to experience the authentic flavours of Emirati cuisine on the go. Dubai is a melting pot of flavours, and to satisfy every palate with international cuisines, apply for a Dubai visa online.

Head to Al Fanar Restaurant or visit the bustling streets of the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood, where local vendors serve this flavorful delight.

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falafel street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

07. Falafels

Deep-fried balls are made from ground chickpeas or fava beans. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, falafels are typically served with tahini sauce and accompanied by fresh vegetables and pickles. It offers a truly authentic experience, allowing visitors to try this dish in its purest form. Take the chance to sample fresh and flavorful Middle Eastern falafel while on your Dubai transit visa.

manakish street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

08. Manakish

Manakish is often called Middle Eastern pizza; topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat, this dish is enjoyed worldwide. Combining the crispy dough and the delicious toppings creates a unique taste experience.

To taste this iconic street food, head to the bustling alleys of Al Reef Bakery in Deira. Here, the aroma of freshly baked Manakish wafts through the air, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Apply for a Dubai visa online via Insta Dubai Visa. A Manakish bite is like a savoury journey through time, making it a must-try when exploring Dubai's street food culture.

samboosa street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

09. Samboosa

Samboosa of Bur Dubai, similar to the Indian Samosa, is a must-try. This street food in Bur Dubai is a pastry stuffed with spicy potatoes, lentils, or minced meat, served with tangy tamarind chutney.

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iranian sangak bread street food in dubai from instadubaivisa

10. Iranian Sangak Bread

Sangak bread is a famous street food in Dubai. It is leavened Iranian bread made from whole wheat baked on a bed of small river stones in an oven. This unique baking method gives the bread an uneven surface but a delightful, smoky flavour and a crispy texture. Watching the bread bakers skillfully handle the long, thin bread over the hot stones is a unique experience, almost like enjoying the bread itself. You can eat it plain, as it's full of flavour, with dips like hummus, or even use it to wrap kebabs. This famous street food in Dubai always has a queue of people waiting for their freshly baked Sangak. It's a testament to Dubai's multiculturalism and a must-try item when exploring Bur Dubai's streets.

The food stalls lining the streets of Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai provide an insight into the culinary history of this cosmopolitan city. They offer an assortment of delicacies from the Middle East and beyond, ensuring every gourmand leaves with an unforgettable taste.

11. Camel Milk Ice Cream

A Dubai transit visa offers not just a layover but a culinary adventure, allowing you to savour this vibrant city's rich and diverse flavours before your onward journey.

Camel Milk Ice Cream is a unique street food with cultural and historical significance. Camel milk, long cherished by the Bedouin people, is now churned into delicious ice cream, bridging the past with the present.

It is famous for its rich and creamy texture and nods to Dubai's heritage while offering a modern twist. The city's bustling food markets allow you to sample local delicacies like dates, camel milk ice cream, and other sweets with 14 days UAE visa. To taste this innovative dessert, head to the bustling streets of the Dubai Mall or the Al Fahidi Historic District. Visit the Camelicious store in Al Barsha for camel milk-based ice cream flavours.

12. Batata Harra

A beloved food in Dubai, Batata Harra holds cultural and historical significance as a Middle Eastern culinary masterpiece. This dish features sautéed cubes of potatoes seasoned with a vibrant blend of garlic, chilli, coriander, and lemon juice. Batata Harra showcases the city's love for bold flavours and is a must-try street food in Dubai.

13. Al Margoog

A delightful stew made with vegetables and spices, often served with bread. Try it at Seven Sands in The Beach at JBR. Al Margoog is a delectable Emirati street food celebrated for its cultural and historical significance. This traditional dish comprises a flavorful mix of chicken or lamb, aromatic spices, and vegetables, all simmered to perfection. Al Margoog represents the heritage of Dubai, harkening back to simpler times when families gathered around a communal pot for a hearty meal.

This street food in Dubai is famous for its unique blend of flavours, highlighting the culinary traditions of the UAE. To savour Al Margoog in Dubai, head to the bustling streets of the Al Fahidi Historic District or indulge in its authenticity at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Al Margoog offers a taste of the past in the modern streets of Dubai, making it an unforgettable street food experience.

14. Grilled Halloumi

After securing your Dubai visa online, embark on a culinary adventure, trying out the street food. The sizzling streets of Dubai offer a delightful Middle Eastern treat: Grilled Halloumi. This salty and tangy cheese, often served on skewers, is loved for its golden, crispy exterior and irresistibly gooey interior. The cultural significance of this street food lies in its centuries-old tradition of cheese-making in the region. Dubai's Grilled Halloumi is famous for its savoury flavours and its fusion with various international cuisines. To savour this delicacy, head to the bustling markets of Al Fahidi or try it at Al Mallah.

15. Karak Chai

Street food in Dubai is incomplete without the famous Karak Chai. This spiced, milky tea is a beloved staple of Emirati culture, reflecting the influence of Indian flavours on Dubai's culinary scene. The cultural significance of Karak Chai lies in its role as a social beverage, symbolizing hospitality and camaraderie. It's famous for its creamy texture and aromatic spices, making it a must-try for locals and tourists. Apply for the Dubai visa online, as it is the gateway to a world of gastronomic wonders.

For an authentic experience, sip on Karak Chai at traditional tea houses in Old Dubai or grab a cup from a street vendor. This strong, spiced tea is a must-try at the Sheikh Hamdan Street.

16. Arabic Sweets

Dubai Street food comes alive with the sweet melodies of Arabic Sweets. These delectable confections, often featuring honey, dates, and pistachios, hold immense historical and cultural importance in the region. Get your 30 days Dubai visa and treat your sweet tooth. The Arabic sweets symbolize hospitality, celebration, and the rich heritage of the Arab world. Tourists flock to the bustling streets to sample these treats in myriad shapes and flavours. Satisfy your sweet tooth by exploring the famous Al Ras and Al Karama areas, where shops and stalls are brimming with sweets. Visit Al Samadi Sweets in Deira for a delectable assortment of Arabic sweets like Baklava, Basbousa, and Kunafa.

17. Al Mahalabia

Apply for your 60 days Dubai visa for the city's diverse food scene, a significant attraction for tourists seeking a taste of the world. A creamy, fragrant rice pudding, Al Mahalabia is widely loved. Al Mahalabia, a creamy and fragrant dessert, embodies Dubai's cuisine's cultural and historical essence. Made from ground rice or cornstarch and flavoured with rosewater or orange blossom, this sweet treat pays homage to Arabic culinary traditions.

Famous for its velvety texture and floral undertones, this street food in Dubai has been a staple in Emirati homes for generations. To taste this cultural delight, visit the historic Al Bastakiya area or Al Ustad Special Kebab in Dubai. You can savour it at the Al Mallah in Al Safa. Al Mahalabia encapsulates Dubai's rich heritage, serving as a delightful representation of the city's sweet side.

18. Zalabia

These deep-fried, syrup-soaked doughnuts are irresistible. Dubai's streets are a treasure trove of Zalabia, a sweet and crunchy delight. Remember to include your favourite food experiences in your Dubai itinerary while choosing one of your Dubai visa types.

Zalabia showcases the city's rich cultural blend, with origins tracing back to ancient Arabia. Zalabia is famous for its delightful mix of sugar, rosewater, and saffron, which create an explosion of flavours and a memorable texture. To experience the essence of Zalabia, visit bustling markets like Global Village or indulge in this street food at the night markets that adorn Dubai during festivals.

19. Emirati Kebabs

Emirati Kebabs sizzle on the streets of Dubai, representing a blend of local flavours and international influences. This street food in Dubai, often featuring tender lamb or chicken marinated in fragrant spices, holds cultural significance as a reflection of Emirati hospitality and culinary innovation. They are famous for their tantalizing aroma and mouthwatering taste. For a taste of Emirati Kebabs, head to Al Dhiyafah Road, where you can explore many food stalls serving these delectable kebabs. You can also savour succulent kebabs prepared with local spices at Bu Qtair in Umm Suqeim.

20. Al Jeer

Al Jeer is a refreshing tamarind drink, a favourite street food in Dubai, often sold in markets and along the Creek. This simple yet delicious dish consists of rice, fish, and spices, cooked perfectly. Its cultural significance lies in its roots in Emirati coastal traditions. Al Jeer is famous for its authentic flavours and the day's fresh catch. To savour this coastal delight, venture to the Al Seef area, where you can find local restaurants and street vendors serving up Al Jeer that genuinely encapsulates the spirit of Dubai's culinary heritage.

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Dubai Evisa Simplifies Culinary Travel

Thanks to the seamless and quick Dubai visa online system. The Dubai visa online system allows travellers to apply for a visit visa from their homes conveniently.

From the tantalizing aromas gliding through the lanes of Deira to the vibrant stalls in Bur Duba, it is a delightful gastronomical journey. When planning your culinary trip through the streets of Dubai, ensure you have the correct documentation. The Dubai visa online saves time and avoids the hassle of visiting an embassy or consulate. Booking a visa online application is straightforward and user-friendly, making it convenient for travellers planning to explore the Emirate.

Once you receive your Dubai visa, this step is sorted. The city's tantalizing gastronomy awaits you! The diverse and flavorful dishes, each narrating a tale of Dubai's rich cultural heritage and hospitality, will leave you with cherished memories. After all, what better way to know a city than through its food?


1. What popular locations or markets can you experience in Dubai's street food scene?

Ans- Dubai's street food scene is best experienced at two popular locations: Al Dhiyafah Road and Global Village. These spots come alive in the evening and remain vibrant until late. You can opt for convenient options such as local buses or the Dubai Metro to reach these destinations. If you are with your family, simply book taxis and ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem for your comfort.

2. Where can I find the best shawarma in Dubai?

Ans- Shawafel and Awani are the two best places to enjoy shawarma. Weekends are a bit crowdy, so we suggest you visit during the weekdays for a more relaxed dining experience.

3. What traditional Emirati dishes should I try while exploring street food in Dubai?

Ans- The not-to-miss local street food in Dubai is stuffed camel. Just take the nearest metro from your place and reach The Local House at AI Bastakiya Heritage Village to enjoy the best camel delight in Dubai. In addition to stuffed camel, be sure to sample other Emirati delights such as Machboos (spiced rice with meat), Harees (wheat porridge), and Luqaimat (sweet dumplings).

4. Can I find vegetarian options among Dubai's street food offerings?

Ans- Dubai offers vegetarian street food options like falafel wraps and vegetable biryani. If you're looking for a pure vegetarian restaurant, you can simply visit Govinda's located in Karam and enjoy lunch between noon and noon. And 3:30 pm and dinner between 7:00 pm and 11:30 pm.

5. Where can I find the freshest seafood street food in Dubai?

Ans- Head to the Bu Qtair for fresh seafood street food like prawns, tender fish fillets, and crabs. Remember to taste Bu Qtair's signature fish curry, a fragrant and flavorful delight that tantalizes the taste buds with every spoonful.

6. Are there any street food festivals or events that showcase Dubai's diverse culinary scene?

Ans- Dubai hosts street food festivals like the Dubai Food Festival between February/March and the Global Village Street food fair from November to April. The entry is free of charge. You can explore the various food stalls, enjoy live entertainment, and participate in activities.

7. What popular local beverages or drinks complement local street food in Dubai?

Ans- Popular local beverages to try with local street food in Dubai include LABAN (Buttermilk), Jallab (a sweet drink made from dates, grape molasses, and rose water) and Sahlab (milk, sugar, and Sahlab powder derived from orchid tubers).