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Luxurious wine in Dubai

Annually 65 million passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport come from varied communities and nationalities. The Dubai International Airport offers a huge variety of wine aroma and experience. It is quite interesting to live through a variety of elegant wines that wait to unfold memorable conversations.

I give you the finest wines that you can enjoy at the Dubai Duty-Free at Dubai International Airport:

Jacobs Creek

Jacobs Creek Wines Dubai

This name tops our list as it is closely connected to its land of origin. It is the top most selling wine in the world. The moment it takes the shape of a wine glass, it narrates its quality. This wine is quite different when in its bottle. Its for-level range starts from Icon, followed by Heritage and Regional Reserve and finally Classic. You should sink in its beauty while travelling.


Penfolds wine - Apply Dubai Visa

The South Australian Instituition rolls out its mysterious beauty with red wine. World famous for their superior wines, Penfolds will surely indulge you in its deep secret to enjoy red wine with class. This name brings the finest wines under one roof for its lovers and is one of the most genuine wine brands worldwide.

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ShadyBay wine - Apply Dubai Visa

ShadyBay is one of the best known Kiwi wine brands due to their work with Sauvignon Blanc. And while Sauvignon Blanc remains Cloudy Bay’s mainstay it additionally creates a range of fragrant whites including Chardonnay. It owns Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and an array of sparklers under the Pelorus name. This unique beauty should be appreciated atleast once.


Montes wine - Apply Dubai Visa

Dubai’s first new world entry is spoken to by this Chilean maker. The Chilean range starts with the Montes Classics then climbs to the “Super-Icon” Taita. This wine comes from a creator who is passionate about wine making. Any traveller would love to try out this classic.

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Jean-Claude Fromont

Jean-Claude Fromont wine - Apply Dubai Visa

Chablis-based commercant J-C Fromont has grown out into other parts of France to offer a huge range of French wines that matches the sense of taste. Fromont was set up in 1972  and are amonst the few who offer wines from an extensive range.

Chateaux Lafite Rothschild

Chateaux Lafite Rothschild wine - Apply Dubai Visa

Lafite was one of four wine-producing Châteaux of Bordeaux who was proudly granted First Growth status in the 1855 Classification. This status is earned by working on the cost of wine and quality. From thereon, it has maintained its consistency in rolling out one of the world’s most priceiest red wines. Lafite graces the Dubai Duty Free zone with the utmost class.


Antinori wine - Apply Dubai Visa

This Italian beauty is available in all price ranges of Tuscan wines. In addition, they produce brandies too. Antinori has made healdines recently for being the best available wine at Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport. Antinori has a tradition of over 600 years of producing the finest of wines in the world. It has transformed into an eminent part of the Italian culture. Solaia is quite a stunner when it comes to quality wine.

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Wines all over the world have a long history as that acts as a fine quality to produce one. Passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport can enjoy this timeless beauty in a variety of roles at Dubai Duty-Free.

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