As we descent through a pandemic that has halted the world, easing lockdown restrictions is raising worry signals. Travel will never be the same. COVID-19 alert antennas are stationed around the world with the finest of researches and directives. Those who haven’t been out there across borders might not find the changed travel protocol a big deal. But those who were travel bug, they will feel like a new world out there.

Travel has set some norms

Newbies can be student migrating for further studies, infants, executive travelling for his/her first international conference or any such similar fashion. For them, travel has already set some norms which are going to be permanent. So it is quite easy for obvious reasons to get used to such guidelines or restrictions.

Travel after lockdown

Many countries like China, Singapore, Hongkong and India have given only essential travel a green signal. First-time commuters will only be able to reach other lands if they are open. Travel after lockdown is widely centred around emergency visits like changed country travel policies, evacuation of nationals, stranded people looking to come back to the home country due to economic crisis, etc.

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Middle-East countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has dedicatedly rolled out a robust hygiene program that is exceptionally successful. Intense testing stations and rigorous checks on visitors and travellers are the two major criteria UAE has opened travel in early July. Europe has lifted travel ban with quite narrow guidelines for travellers.

Policy for Students and First time travelers

First-time travellers have to note that to whichever country you are travelling, there are different directives according to the local health policy. Before you board and after you land will be different scenarios along with the safety directives which all airlines direct to follow. If you are a university student and has already paid the fee, you have some options to keep your safety a priority. If you wish not to travel or migrate for studies, you can ask for a refund. Many universities have changed their functionality in the wake of coronavirus. If you wish to continue for any reason, remember more than 55% of the university education system has been shifted to the online platform. Like this, you don’t lose your studies and your health is out of the risk of travel. If you wish to study abroad and are looking for options, choose wisely. Keep in mind the quarantine facilities, local health protocols and support, online study options and fee refunds in case the scenarios go from bad to worse.

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Travel norms for Newborn

Newborn babies or mother expecting are equally vulnerable to this virus. Avoid travelling. But is you have to be more strict with travel norms than the airlines of health departments. You carry the responsibility of not just yourself. Travel destinations or places believed to be travel hotspots are the ones you should think about before heading towards your bookings. In case you have to deliver your baby in the destination country, you will have to carefully study the health protocols and care facilities for both the mother and the child. If you are expecting and travelling alone, you should think again or avail trustworthy services that reach you when needed.

Book you hotel with safety guidlines

Video conferencing is widely acknowledges acroos the globe. So you can not miss out your meeting or conferences as internet and devices are usually available at both ends. Until the vaccination is out, travel after coronavirus will have to be highly monitored by many for many. But still, if you have to cross the borders for your appointments, make sure the hotel you book has broadcasted safety guidelines that are following. Ensure their staff is trained to follow and monitor hygiene practices and standards.

If you are planning for Destination wedding

Couples who just got married or were planning to, have to put their plans on a revamp mode. You should decide for destinations that are well equipped with advanced medical facilities and where the pandemic has not ruined much of the local arena. As a couple, do not miss out insurance. You might have to opt for a higher price for bookings and stuff. But remember, life is precious. If your partner is heading to international travel for the first time, try considering domestic travel. This might make your plan a success in this pandemic scenario. Accommodation facilities in Dubai have been directed to follow stringent directives for the safety of the guests. You can always look for such information while you book you Dubai visa online.

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Be it first-timers or the regular travel clan, patterns of commuting local and international are new and permanent. So, while you gear up, keep the above in mind.

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