Keeping a check on the expiry date of your passport is a good practice. You can always start the procedures well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. When you want to renew your passport, you must submit your old passport with other documents for processing. Your old passport will be then stamped with 'cancelled'. It will be returned to you along with your new passport.

A UAE visa is mandatory to travel to the UAE. A common question that travellers have is what is to be done with the old passport? We highly recommend that you keep your old passport safe with you. It is an important document containing your official information. Many people think of destroying their old passport, considering it outdated. This is usually done to avoid the document falling into the wrong hands or to escape the maintenance hassles of such a document.  

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To apply for Dubai visa, you need just two documents: a valid 6-month passport and a clear passport photo.

We want to share the critical point of maintaining an expired passport.

The expired passport is still an official proof of your identity.

The expired Passport is still an official proof of your identity

Your passport still carries vital information about you, like your name, picture, address and date of birth. These are information which can be doctored or misused for illegal purposes. The expired passport is an official document that the authority of your country has issued in your name. It is an ongoing record of yours in your country.

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Your expired passport is still holding valid Visas.

expired Passport - Apply Dubai Visa

For frequent travellers, it is essential to note that you will have a lot of visas stamped on your expired passport. You will surely need an online Dubai tourist visa to travel to Dubai. Those stamped visas might be valid. Most countries require you to renew your visa once your passport is renewed. Other countries will allow you to travel on the old passport with proper permits. The existing visa remains valid and will be an access document while you travel, even in your expired passport.

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Your expired passport has a record of your travel history.

Expired passport and visa, Apply Dubai Visa

While you apply for Dubai visa, the embassy considers your previous travel history. Your expired passport is carrying the same. If this document is available, you might gain some chances for specific visa approvals. A well-travelled passport is an indication of a stable traveller. The visa stamps, entry and exit stamps, and the visas which might be valid – all contribute to a complete and better way of representing yourself at the embassy.

Not just a vacation, but if you apply for a job in a foreign land or you have plans to migrate, your travel history is taken into account when your employer decides to hire you. The immigration department decided to give you a green signal for migration.

Your expired passport is a validated document that shows your visa application.

Apply dubai Visa with expired passport

Many countries require you to submit your old passport and essential documents along with your visa application. The Embassy officials need to check whether you have travelled to the country recently. If you are carrying a valid UAE visa to UAE in your cancelled passport, then a copy of the old passport will be attached along with your application. So, if you do not have your expired access in such a case, then you must apply to the consulate stating the reason for the non-availability of the expired passport. So it is always advisable to keep your old passports to avoid such hassles.

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Your old passport is an album of your travel memories.

Old Passport is an album of your travel memories

It takes great pleasure and excitement to see the previous visas that take you down memory lane. It is valid and genuine proof of your travel memories, which you would love to cherish forever.

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The above reasons are enough to keep your expired or cancelled passport safe and secure. While you turn each page of your access, it has a different story about your journey.

If your passport has expired and you need to apply for a Dubai visa, you will first need to renew your passport before proceeding with the Dubai visa application process. Here are the general steps you should follow:

  • Visa Application:

a. Once you have your renewed passport, you can proceed with the online Dubai tourist visa application process.
b. Visit the official website of Insta Dubai Visa for any type of queries.
c. Complete the online visa application form with the required information, including your personal details, purpose of visit, and intended length of stay.
d. Attach any necessary documents, such as a copy of your renewed passport, passport-sized photos, travel itinerary, and proof of accommodation.
e. Pay the UAE visa application fee, which varies depending on the type and duration of the visa you are applying for.
f. Submit your application and pay attention to the processing time and guidelines provided on the website.

  • Visa Approval:

a. Wait for your UAE visa application to be processed. The processing period can vary depending on the type of visa you select.
b. Once your visa is approved, Within 24 to 48 working hours, you will obtain an electronic permit (e-visa), depending on the type of visa you applied for.

  • Travel to Dubai or UAE:

a. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, including your renewed passport with a valid online Dubai tourist visa.
b. Plan your trip, book your flights, and make any necessary accommodations in Dubai or the UAE.
c. When you arrive in Dubai, ensure you comply with the UAE visa conditions and the permitted length of stay.

Additionally, make sure to renew your passport well in advance of your travel plans to avoid any delays or complications in the UAE visa application process.