Visit Dubai as it is one of the most fascinating and capturing cosmopolitan cities globally; Dubai never fails to amaze travellers, be it nature, photography, adventure seekers, history buffs or foodies. Dubai's fascinating architecture, fancy hotels, shopping festivals, majestic skyscrapers, glittering skylines, and colossal shopping malls make it a paradise for tourists worldwide.

It is said to be the most progressive region in the Middle East as it has undergone a considerable transformation. Dubai attracts a million visitors from all around the world with their Dubai visa every year. Offering them a beautiful mix of contemporary lifestyle and ancient Arabian aura, the city takes pride in its rich heritage and cultural values. It is often called the Pearl of the Middle East.

Dubai always welcomes visitors with utmost warmth. A UAE-based megacity is a beautiful option for planning an unforgettable getaway, as it provides the best of everything. It is also known for housing some of the most extravagant and luxurious hotels and resorts. Experience Dubai on your Dubai Tourist visa as it exhibits its alluring and stunning infrastructure amid the large Arabian Desert.

Dubai Tourist Visa: Get to know Dubai’s Economy

Dubai does not have an oil-based economy; this little oil wealth it enjoyed between the 1960s and the 90s was used to enhance other sectors of the economy by building physical infrastructure. The Jebel Ali free trade zone was created in the 1980s to attract industrial investment. Activities include aluminum smelting, car manufacturing, and cement production. Explore Dubai with your Dubai visa online. Dubai is said to be the second wealthiest emirate of the UAE after Abu Dhabi, and it is the financial capital state of the UAE. Many tourists believe that Dubai's revenue comes from oil. Most of Dubai's GDP, over 95%, is non-oil based; oil accounts for less than 1% of Dubai's GDP, and tourism produces 20%. These prominent figures tell why Dubai has become a dynamic and diversified economy for surviving the decline of fossil fuels. Apply for a Dubai visa today and get closer to know Dubai!

There are various reasons to visit this mindblowing city, some of which are listed here-

10 Reasons to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city that never ceases to amaze travellers. This city has many attractions for vacationers worldwide, from artificial islands to mega malls and majestic skyscrapers. Discover some of the top reasons for visiting Dubai.

  • Shoppers Heaven

shoppers heaven from instadubaivisa

Dubai, known as the shoppers' paradise, is dotted with shops where you can stop until you drop. It is a perfect place to enjoy endless shopping and immerse yourself in retail therapy, which is undoubtedly one of the top reasons to visit Dubai. Numerous excellent malls, like the massive Dubai Mall, allow travellers to channel their inner shopaholics.

  • Adventure options

adventure options from instadubaivisa

Dubai is one of the best places for adrenaline seekers, offering many water sports like speed boating, kite surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and many others. Additionally, the city has everything from quad biking, desert safari, hot balloon air rides, sand boarding, skydiving, and camping to fulfil its innate adventure.

  • Unforgettable Desert Explorations

unforgettable desert explorations from instadubaivisa

An invincible aspect of Dubai tourism is the Desert Safari. It includes stargazing and dune bashing, making it a worthy addition to the tourist's itinerary. Apply for a Dubai visa, as you can even enjoy sand skiing and quad biking to make your stay all the more memorable and thrilling. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the Arabian Desert, which will awaken you.

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  • Extraordinary Architecture

extraordinary architecture from instadubaivisa

The emirate is famous worldwide for its excellent architecture, dotted with several spectacular skyscrapers that amaze visitors. One of the finest specimens of Dubai's architectural brilliance is the majestic Burj Khalifa, which provides stunning city views. Drive down the city's main Sheikh Zayed Raod and get thrilled by the awe-inspiring architecture of different buildings of various sizes, shapes, and styles. Explore Dubai's magnificent architecture with a Dubai tourist visa today!

  • Gold Shops

gold shops from instadubaivisa

The city is famous worldwide for its gold, so when in Dubai, always indulge in the Gold Souk, the traditional market in the commercial area of Deira. Scores of people, both locals and tourists, visit the gold shops for jewellery shopping. Some of the main things that can be purchased from the gold shops are silver, gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery. The place is in old Dubai, a stunning contrast to the city's newer part.

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  • Artificial Islands

artificial islands from instadubaivisa

Palm Islands is one of the most famous places in Dubai. They are situated on the coast of Dubai. Apply for a Dubai visa online and explore these artificial islands, including Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali. Palm Jumeirah is known to be one of the largest artificial islands and the most popular of the three. Palm Jumeirah is said to have several luxury resorts, hotels, and private residences and looks like a giant palm tree floating on water.

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  • Incredible dining experience

incredible dining experience from instadubaivisa

An excellent spot for foodies, Dubai offers various dishes in a contemporary setting. The city's restaurants offer a beautiful mixture of Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic dishes, ensuring a gastronomic experience for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It also has various fine-dining restaurants with superb ambience, fantastic hospitality, and exotic dishes that will spoil you after applying for your Dubai visa today!

  • Dynamic Nightlife

dynamic nightlife from instadubaivisa

Dubai flaunts a vibrant nightlife that is famous worldwide. The city looks completely different once the sun goes down. Head to Dubai Marina for a long walk or a yacht ride to enjoy Dubai's great nightlife. You can even dine at one of the restaurants while soaking in stunning views of the area and skyscrapers.

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  • Sparkling Beaches

sparkling beaches from instadubaivisa

Dubai has established itself as a popular seaside destination over the years. This is owing to the long coastline of stunning beaches with white sand and azure-coloured water. Dubai's beaches have all the amenities, like beach loungers, changing rooms, eating joints, and cabanas. Apply for a Dubai visa and explore some of the city's must-visit beaches: Jumeirah Public Beach, Kite Beach Al Mamzar Beach Park, and many others.

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  • Heritage Tours

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Dubai is home to several historical places to plan tours while on vacation. These heritage sites provide an insight into the city's history and culture. Some historical places to visit in Dubai are Al Fahidi Historica, Neighbourhood, Hatta Heritage Village, Sheikh Al Maktoum House, and many others.

Travel Tips to Dubai-Dubai Tourism

  • Wear clothes according to the weather; however, avoid revealing clothing in any of the UAE's emirates.
  • When visiting religious sites on your Dubai tourist visa, follow the rules, such as wearing modest clothes. So bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • If you plan to rent a car, keep your international driving license with you.
  • Keep all of your necessary documents safe with you.
  • Remove the footwear before entering a mosque or a local household.
  • Carry your international credit and debit card.
  • Show respect for the local culture and traditions.
  • Keep in mind local etiquette.
  • Always book the hotels in advance to avoid any last-minute rush and inconvenience.

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Best time to visit Dubai

  • Summer— Dubai's summer season is from April to August. During this period, the city experiences scorching heat and high temperatures. Visit Dubai in the convenient weather conditions due to the constant heat; indulging in outdoor activities or exploring the city during the day is next to impossible. Evenings, however, are more pleasant in comparison.
  • Winter— The winter season is between November and March, the best time to visit Dubai. During this time, the temperature ranges between 17 and 30 degrees, making it pleasant and comfortable to explore the city.

What to expect in Dubai

  • Language— Arabic is the UAE's official language, while English is the business language and is spoken by almost everyone in Dubai.
  • Currency— The UAE currency is the Dirham; when visiting Dubai on your Dubai visa, you must know the currency of the country you are visiting.
  • Credit Cards and Banks- Cash is prevalent, and while most places accept credit cards
  • Climate— Dubai is a desert, so summers are hot. Daytime temperatures are usually over 106 degrees, while nights rarely fall below eighty-eight degrees. Winters are much more comfortable, with temperatures between sixty and seventy-five degrees.
  • Good to be Known- The minimum drinking age is twenty-one, and photography is not allowed in some areas, so watch out for signs and respect their rules and cultural observations.
  • Dress code: Dubai can get very hot, so you should be aware of keeping your clothes more conservative. Pack the light layers with long sleeves and full-length bottoms. Apply for a Dubai visa with Insta Dubai Visa today!

Getting Around in Dubai

  • Public Transport— Eating or drinking in the metro is not allowed. Cabins are provided for different categories, such as women and gold class; therefore, watch the signs. Sleeping is not allowed in stations.
  • Taxis— Call the taxi assistance numbers to book a cab. Cabs have a meter charge of Dhs 12 at least. There is also a Salik charge if you want to go through a toll road, so keep that in mind.
  • Boats— Many attractions in Dubai are on or near the water, so water ferries and taxis run to and from 44 stops. Explore the Emirates' transportation with your Dubai visa!
  • Bike— City paths throughout the city make biking easy. You can even rent a BYKY bike at a curbside station and return it when you're done.


Dubai is one of the top-rated destinations globally; it has much to offer. It is a stunning place to have a perfect dose of adventure shopping and food. Dubai deserves to be on the bucket list of every traveller. It is time to pack the bags and visit this beautiful and enchanting city to make memories of a lifetime.