The United Arab Emirates has raised the brainchild of Instagram- Dubai. With cut-throat engineering and juxtaposition architecture of skyscrapers, Dubai has given a photogenic platform to your social media handlers.  Dubai tourism amalgamates various communities around the world and embraces the different avenues they come from. Dubai attractions like museums, art centres and street art- all of this have made travel lovers paint the city red. It’s mind bending futuristic vision and to create the unimaginable has fetched you a good number of followers.

While on Dubai visit, you should visit the most clickable hot spots in the city to give your Instagram feed a collage of doodles.


1. La Mer

La Mer, Dubai

Colors oozing out of white sand narrating Arabian Nights is the perfect sigh to behold at La Mer. The pictures speak for themselves.

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2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden, Dubai

Flowery fortune raising its head amidst the dusky dunes is a must click as it will make your followers wonder where have you been.


3. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

With Burj Al-Arab in the backdrop mated with azure horizons, Jumeirah beach is bound to give you multiple shots of wonders.

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4. Dubai Souks

Souks, Dubai

The authentic Dubai detour to Dubai souks will give you colourful joys of clicks. From Gold Souk to Spice Souks - they all welcome you in a picturesque setting.

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5. Dubai Fountain Show

Fountain Show, Dubai

With Burj Khalifa in the back drop and people clicking shots at angels feathers, you will get many beautiful pictures of the Dubai Dancing Fountain.

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6. Palm Jumeriah

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

When in Dubai, how can you miss the spectacular view of the man-made islands - Palm Jumeirah? You can get the best shots while on a seaplane tour or sky diving spree.

7. Al Bastakiya Quarters

Al Bastakiya Quarters, Dubai

Dubai breathes its culture and heritage at Al Bastakiya Quarters. Old Dubai gives you realms of the origin of the city.

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8. Hot Air Balloon Ride over Dubai Desert

Hot air balloon ride over Dubai desert

The endless deserts of Dubai give you numerous angles of nature’s beauty. The desert sunrise or sunsets while on a hot air balloon ride will surely make you Instagram feed drool over. 

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9. Dubai Mall- the Umbrella Street

Dubai Umbrella Street

The world’s largest mall rests with an umbrella avenue that shades its visitors with color bombs. This shot is truly worth Instagram.

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10. Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The palm

The entrance lobby at one of the best beach resorts of UAE is plush and divine. Even if you are not staying there, go and get thos shots which are irrestible.

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Dubai offers oodles to its visitors. It very well knows its tech savy friends who love to keep their social media gallery crisp and beautiful. Go on and fill your Instagram arcade with soul feeding clicks.

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